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The Recovery Team is an extensive group of people who understand YOU.
We understand how you feel because we have been in your shoes.
We’ve made the call to get help, and if you’re here, you’re right where you need to be.
With over 30 Years of Addiction Treatment Experience, we’ve proudly helped thousands of people overcome their addictions and regain their lives back,
and we can help you too! Read Our Story Here.


Why Choose The Recovery Team?

Our Highly Specialized Team’s only goal is to make sure you are successful in your recovery. Our extraordinary Clinical Team targets the underlying causes of addiction with proven, evidence based practices. We teach each and every client to overcome their addictions both mentally, and physically with our comprehensive treatment programs. Learn More about our Unparalleled Treatment Programs Here


Meet The Recovery Team

Jeannie Saros
Trauma Therapist

Jeannie has been in the substance abuse and mental health field since 1982. She has been part of The Recovery Team since 2000. She presently runs the trauma track and facilitates Experiential Groups for our patients and leads the Family Weekend.

Jeannie is a licensed mental health counselor who holds national certification. She is an approved continuing education provider by the Florida board of addiction professionals and an approved supervisor for registered mental health interns. Jeannie is trained in gestalt, trauma, completed her EMDR training and is a certified diplomat in clinical hypnotherapy.

She has received national recognition from the New York Times and Vanity Fair magazine and was locally a recipient of the Peter Fairclogh memorial award for her contribution to the field of substance abuse and mental health.

Zane Morris
Primary Therapist

Zane Morris started his journey with The Recovery Team in May 2017. Zane received a bachelor’s degree, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology. In 2005 he made the decision to pursue a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology/ Mental Health Counseling at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Zane graduated, completing the Mental Health, Substance abuse and Marriage and Family track. Zane is a highly dedicated, caring, and serious – minded, professional.

His demonstrated strengths include: sound leadership, highly effective communication skills, team player and compassion for others.

Zane started his career working with children and families, providing families with counseling, connecting them with the social resources available in the community. While in his career, he noticed there was a great need for providing social services for the homeless, especially homeless veterans. Needless to say, he began a career working with homeless veterans in Palm Beach County, connecting them to social services in the community, services at the VA. Zane also helped veterans with finding affordable housing. While working with the veteran community he noticed two of the biggest issues veterans struggled with were mental health and substance abuse.

Zane eventually found himself working in the substance abuse arena. Now, 10 years later he still is working with people who suffer from the disease of addiction. Zane’s passion for his job stems from the negative impact substance abuse has had on himself and his family.

Diane Dinkens
Primary Therapist/DUI Program Director

Diane began her career in substance abuse counseling with The Recovery Team in June 2002. During this time, she worked numerous aspect of the company including supervision of Behavioral Health Technician, DUI evaluator, and in 2005 became DUI Program Director.

She earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University, Certified Addiction Professional and International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium from the Florida Certification Board. Currently, as a Primary Therapist, not only does she bring her expertise in counseling, but also her personal experiences with recovery.

Diane uses many types of therapy, including employing compassion, mindfulness and empathy. Since her first day with the company, she has been a strong team player, dedicated to helping all clients recover from a hopeless state of mind and body.

Deborah Mouw
Primary Therapist

Deborah joined The Recovery Team as a Primary Therapist in January 2017. Her passion and work in the addiction field began in 2011 at Willingway Hospital in Statesboro, Georgia. It was there that she gained incomparable experience working not only as an Inpatient Counselor, but also working directly in both an intensive women's long- term residence and the intensive outpatient setting.

She holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Exceptional Student Education from Nova University and is a Certified Addiction Counselor Level II (CACII).

Prior to a career in substance abuse counseling, Deborah worked as a public school educator for The Palm Beach County School Board from 1987-2006. Her approach to therapy is Mindfulness, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing as modalities to help clients better understand their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Deborah credits her arts-focused education and years of classroom teaching for the creative therapeutic approach she brings to her position. An array of experience and an authentic desire to encourage others to embrace recovery and the healing gifts available to all who embrace it, is what is at the core of her valued therapeutic work.

Lauren Meyers
Case Manager/Admissions Coordinator

Lauren Meyers is a Case Manager/ Admissions Coordinator for The Recovery Team. She has been with The Recovery Team since June 2016 and has worked in the field of substance abuse since 2011.

Having personally experienced addiction and recovery she possesses a unique knowledge of how the recovery process works not only for the recovering addict but for the families as well.

Lauren believes that with a positive clinical setting and a strong support network achieving long term sobriety is possible for anyone struggling with addiction. Lauren is originally from Pennsylvania and attended Temple University to pursue her B.A. She moved to Florida in 2010 to begin her new way of life in recovery. She is currently working towards her C.A.C. as well as her A.S.

James Samuels
Director of Client Services

James Samuels is dedicated to the operations of the company as well as the safety and well-being of all of the clients. James brings his impeccable work ethic and leadership skills to The Recovery Team.

James main focus is to make sure that the level of care that the clients receive is never compromised. He works tirelessly with his staff of behavior health technicians to make sure that each and every client at The Recovery Team has a positive experience.

James is a natural leader and uses his personal experience with recovery to ensure that all clients feel supported and comfortable as they embark on their new journey. He is an active member of his church and a proud husband and father to his one year old son, James junior.

Dr. Emilio Duboy
Psychiatrist; Medical Director

Dr. Emilio Duboy has more than 25 years of experience in practicing psychiatry. He is Board Certified and has a special interest in addiction psychiatry. Dr. Duboy has extensive experience in treating co-occurring psychiatric disorders. He completed his psychiatric residency training at Cabrini Medical Center / New York Medical College in New York City.

In addition, Dr. Duboy completed a fellowship with New York University at Bellevue Hospital. Dr. Duboy understands the disease model of alcoholism and addiction and treats all of his patients with dignity and respect. It is of paramount importance to Dr. Duboy that all clients have a positive experience and that begins with great medical care.

Jose Soler
Primary Therapist

Jose Soler has been a mental health and substance abuse counselor since 2004. Jose received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida in 1999 and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Temple University in 2004.

Since 2011 he has been helping individuals in South Florida heal from emotional wounds that have contributed to self-destructive patterns and behaviors. Jose believes in an individualized approach to treatment and honors the inherent wholeness and completeness of the individual.

Using a compassionate and client-centered approach, he works with clients to strengthen an understanding and appreciation to the present moment, become willing to accept the full-range of feelings and emotions that are part of the human experience, and live a more meaningful and connected life. Jose believes that only when we can accept life as it really is, can we really begin to change. DBT, Mindfulness, CBT, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy are among the approaches that Jose uses to help individuals fulfill the potential that already exists within.

Cassandra Sierra
Professional Consultant & Corporate Trainer

Cassandra was the Founder/Chief Clinical Officer of Wellington Counseling and Associates, and New Options of Royal Palm Beach, Inc. which opened its doors in August 2005. WCA rebranded to Elevations Health, LLC., in 2016. Elevations Health was located in Wellington, FL, Coral Springs, FL, and Austin, TX. Cassandra sold Elevations Health in February 2018. Effective October 2018, she became the Director of Mental Health Services of the Recovery Team Behavioral Health in Palm Beach County. RTBH provides primary mental health services to persons affected with mental health illness. Our goal is to re-integrate our patients back into society and provide them with coping mechanism to manage their disability. Cassandra also provides training classes and CEU’s for mental health and substance abuse professionals. She works with many agencies in Palm Beach County as a consultant and corporate trainer. In addition, as a Life and Business Coach/Consultant, she has assisted many entrepreneurs to established and manage new business ventures in substance abuse treatment industry in Florida and in several states around the country.

Cassandra Sierra was employed by the Palm Beach County Health Department for 19 years. She served as the Staff Development and Training Manager and provided training for over 1,100 employees. She trained clerks, paraprofessionals, nurses, doctors, managers and senior management. She facilitated various training programs, (e.g. Executive Leadership Customer Service, Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Cultural Competency). Her work included consulting, designing, coaching, coordinating, facilitating, monitoring and evaluating behavior modification and competency base training programs.

Cassandra is also a Certified Addiction Professional, International Certified Addiction Counselor, Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist and a Certified Domestic Violence Facilitator and Assessor and Business and Life Coach. Cassandra has a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Studies and a double Master’s degree in Human Resource Development and Administration from Barry University and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College in Tampa, FL. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She served on the Domestic Violence Council of Palm Beach County and served on the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board for two years. She is the co-founder of the Miracles Club, Inc., which opened its doors in 2001. The clubhouse serves the recovery community by providing 12 step recovery meetings and other community education programs to alcoholics, addicts and their family members.

She is married with two children, grandchildren and one great grandchild. Cassandra is committed to health and safety of the citizens of Florida and across the United States.

Reviews and Accreditations

  • review rating 5  I just want to start off by saying that I am truly Grateful that I went to The Recovery Team, The Recovery Team has made a big impact in my life and I highly recommend you to go there if you are looking for help. The therapist and the staffs are very caring and will go to any lengths to make sure you get what you need out of it, I'm blessed to have the experienced with The Recovery Team... I appreciate everything that they have done for me.

    thumb Terence Billie

    review rating 5  Saved my life! Everyone who works at this facility really do care. Extremely professional and the ONLY place I would ever recommend. Thank you to everyone there! I love you ALL!

    thumb Stephen Hill
  • review rating 5  Top of the line choice in addiction recovery. My son had the opportunity to recover at TRT. Wonderful caring staff go above and beyond to see them through the program. Austin and Zane Played a big part and provided the support my son needed.

    thumb Melissa Pabst

    review rating 5  Stephanie King and the Staff are top notch! They made this scary thing all more manageable. My family appreciates the effort put forth by you guys helping us through this hard time!

    thumb ktrain2313
  • review rating 5  My brother went through this program and we just returned from family weekend! What a amazing time we had with our brother, it was tough and draining but we got through it! Jeannie is such an amazing woman for how she connects to people. SUCH A SPECIAL PLACE!!

    thumb Liz Monaco

    review rating 5  I’m so grateful for you guys!!!! The techs are awesome and the therapists too, thank you Tami for everything! Jeannie and Dakota are the best ever! Sorry I couldn’t make it for the alumni dinner, happy new year guys!

    thumb Alicia J

Private Insurances Accepted

We only accept out of network insurance plans at our Drug rehab in Florida.
Our Expert Admissions Team can answer any questions you may have about our services and make sure you receive the best possible care.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s your philosophy?

    We believe in treating adults like adults. We are not authoritarians. We feel it’s ineffective to attempt to break someone down. Adults suffering with addiction typically beat themselves up enough on their own. The challenge is building them back up. Before we can begin to do this, there has to be a level of trust and rapport. If there’s an authoritative culture, we would not be able gain a trust that’s necessary to even begin the recovery process. Before we can ask for someone’s hand, we have to touch their heart.

  • Are you a 12 step facility?

    There’s no doubt that 12 step programs help millions. They’re wonderful.accordion programs, but they are not for everyone. We see different poeple recover different ways. We’re not a one size fits all type of facility. What works for one person may not work for the next. We essentially have to start from scratch with each person. Most importantly is that each guest have an active voice in whatever life philosophy they chose. Ultimately, they are the ones that will have to live with it. We need our guests help to assist them in finding their way. At the core of our facility is empowerment.

  • Do you accept Insurance?

    Yes. What matters most, above insurance, is finding a good fit. If someone is at a point in their lives where they are willing to allow us to help them, we’ll bend over backwards to make sure they have an opportunity.

  • What’s important to your staff? Are they licensed?

    Our Therapists, Counselors, Group Leaders and Facilitators are licensed in their own fields. Although it is necessary that considered staff have the proper accreditation, that alone will not qualify a candidate. It’s critical that they have a passion for helping others. If there’s any indication that this will be a “9-5” for someone, they would not be a good fit at The Recovery Team. That being said, most of our staff has been with us for years. We are not a mechanical program. We consider ourselves to be a creative program. We don’t have much time with our guests, the last thing we can afford is to remain “in the box”.

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