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A Guide to Overcoming Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is extremely dangerous. It can even lead to death if left untreated. Addiction affects both your personal and professional life. 

When you consume a certain amount of drugs, you crave more. This will make you dependent on life-threatening substances.

The good news is that all kinds of addictions are treatable. However, if they cross a certain level of addiction, it becomes difficult to control. There are various ways through which you can beat the addiction and come back to a sober life. 

Rehab centers also offer treatment options to overcome addiction.

Key Takeaways

This post will tell you how you can overcome addiction in detail. Furthermore, this article tells you different ways to break an addiction:

  • Seeking professional treatment helps you achieve sobriety and overcome addiction.
  • Support from your family members, friends, and loved ones matters a lot, as they will continue to encourage you toward a healthy lifestyle.
  • Rehab centers offer therapies and detox to treat alcohol or drug addiction, and you can move towards a normal lifestyle.

We at The Recovery team help you in overcoming the addiction. Don’t hesitate to share your situation with us; we will offer you help through treatment options. 

You can contact us at (800) 817-1247 for more information.

Overcoming Addiction

Developing an addiction to a substance isn’t a character flaw or a sign of weakness. Strong willpower is the only thing that you require to overcome the addiction. 

When you start abusing drugs or alcohol, it will change your brain. This induces cravings for more drugs and makes it almost impossible to return to a sober life.

You can return to a sober lifestyle with the right treatment and support. Most of the time, people think it is hard to get back to a sober life. But, the road to recovery is always possible if you are willing to change.

Top Tips to Break an Addiction

If you are going through addiction resulting from substance abuse, then no need to worry about it. Addiction is treatable, and various treatment options are available for recovery. 

When a person goes through a substance use disorder due to substance misuse, it will create several changes in the brain. These changings induce the cravings for more alcohol and drug usage.

However, with proper treatment and support, you can overcome any addiction. There are various steps through which you can break an addiction. 

These are listed below:

Admitting the Problem

One of the hardest things during the recovery journey is admitting the fact that there is a problem. Substance use disorders result from drug abuse, affecting the brain significantly. An individual’s brain keeps finding justifications and excuses for using the substance.

When you admit and recognize the problem, you are brave enough to change your bad habits into good ones. You can turn to various places if you need help and solid support during the recovery journey. The treatment option you choose for your recovery highly matters.

If you don’t want support from your friends or family, you can seek help from any healthcare provider, mental health expert, therapist, or doctor.

Think About the Change

When thinking about making a change toward a sober life, you have to keep a record of the following things:

  • Keep a record of your drug usage and how much you are consuming daily.
  • Listing the costs and benefits, as well as advantages and disadvantages of consuming drugs to your health.
  • How much your drug consumption is affecting your partner and kids.
  • You can also ask someone about their honest feelings regarding your drug usage.
  • Personal insights. Is there some hindrance in your journey toward recovery?

Spend some time thinking about your values, how addiction has harmed you, and how abstinence will improve your life. Keeping a daily notebook is the most effective technique for reflection. 

You can start an addiction recovery plan by keeping a journal to help you recognize trends, triggers, objectives, and motivators.

Preparing for the Change

Remind yourself why you want a change in your life, and move towards a sober life. This is the time to set goals, like the date and time you will quit using. Ask for support from your family members and friends towards your recovery journey.

Identify Triggers

A trigger is something on which an emotional reaction of a person is based. With addiction, a trigger frequently results in a strong need to relapse. 

Following are some of the common triggers:

  • Environmental cues
  • Uncomfortable and disturbing emotions
  • Stress
  • Physical or mental illness
  • Social isolation

Once you identify these triggers, you can manage the coping mechanism and skills to deal with them.

Change Your Surroundings

There is an increased chance of relapse when after stopping alcohol or drug consumption, you continue with the same addictive behavior and habits. 

You can ask for social support, such as support from your friends, circle, and family. Avoid those things, places, and people who trigger you to take the drug.

Several things change during your recovery. 

These are listed below:

  • Your technique for handling stress.
  • Who you hang out with.
  • What you do when you’re not working.

You can change to those environments which do not trigger you towards substance abuse.

Seek Professional Help

You can seek professional help from addiction treatment centers. They will consider your overall health. Treatment facilities offer different treatment programs for addiction treatment. The professional help in the treatment center further helps you to achieve long-term goals. These centers offer residential and outpatient rehab and medications to help your recovery.

Image showing the ways through which you can overcome addiction.

Explore Advantages of a Sober Lifestyle

When you attain a sober lifestyle, you can consider the positive aspects of life. The rehab treatment facility also addresses the co-occurring disorders that can majorly impact your addiction. 

People in recovery frequently discover themselves liking these things by intentionally treating these aspects:

  • Increased freedom
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Healthier and good relationships with family members and friends
  • Concentrate and focus more on the things which truly matter to you.


Exercise is one of the most effective ways to treat depression. This will not only make an improvement in your overall health but also in your mental health and well-being. When you do work out, this will give you a fit and healthy body. Exercising is one of the best steps toward recovery if you want to break an addiction.


It is pretty normal to feel guilty about your addictive behavior in the past. It is important to improve your cycle of addiction. This will help you in your recovery attempt towards a sober life. Your recovery journey starts when you take the first step of recognizing the addiction.

Treatment facilities offer treatment plans for alcohol or drug addiction. They know about the pain that an addict goes through during recovery. They will make the right treatment plan for you.

Keep a Journal

You can create a journal for yourself; this will help you achieve a sober life. When you start your recovery journey, write down the date inside your journal, you can also write down the reduced amount of your substance in your journal along with the date. 

This helps you reduce the amount further to stop consuming the drug and move towards a sober life.

Create Accountability

You can have someone hold you accountable for your recovery journey. You can develop new habits and tell someone if you are following the routine for days, weeks, and months or are not following it. This also changes your daily life patterns, so it would be best if you make someone from your family hold you accountable.

Love Yourself

When you start loving yourself, you can overcome addiction. Studies show that self-motivation and courage are important in overcoming addiction. Stay away from toxic people or addictive substances, and start healthily living your life.

Residential Treatment Options

There are various treatment options included in the residential treatment for drug or alcohol abuse

These are:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
  • Counseling therapy
  • Detox
  • Medically-assisted treatment (MAT)

The therapies offered by the treatment facility during residential treatment include cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, EMBR, DBT, and others. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Start Breaking an Addiction?

Recovery from addiction isn’t easy; sometimes, you will experience the worst symptoms through these steps. According to the research, the following steps will help you achieve a sober life. 

These are:

  • Set a date to stop drug usage.
  • Try to distract yourself from the urge to use a drug. You can come up with recreational activities to help you quit alcohol.
  • Take support from your social circle in overcoming addiction.

Can You Ever Break an Addiction?

Yes, overcoming the addiction is possible. The road to recovery is difficult but not impossible. When you have the right treatment approach and support, you can achieve sobriety. You, indeed, have to go through various withdrawal symptoms during recovery. 

Sometimes it becomes a lot more painful than it seems. There are rehab centers available that will guide you through the treatment related to drug addiction. 

Medications effectively eliminate dependence as they ease withdrawal symptoms and make your journey easy toward a normal life. However, it is not usually recommended to quit on your own.

What Are the Five Steps of Addiction?

The five steps of addiction are listed below:

Precontemplation Stage: The precontemplation stage is categorized by the endless justification and defensiveness about their addictive behavior.

Contemplation Stage: The contemplation stage means that the patient is ready to bring a change toward recovery but not at the moment.

Preparation Stage: In the planning stage, the person is increasing their sense of urgency about their desire for sobriety.

Action Stage: This stage brings potential changes in the life of an addict.

Maintenance Stage: In this stage, the person strives hard to avoid addiction recovery relapse and maintains a sober life balance.

The Recovery Team Gives You Freedom

Addiction is something that millions of people experience in their lives, whether it be from excessive alcohol use or misusing prescription opioids. Overcoming addiction is a difficult but worthy pursuit.

The Recovery Team offers the best rehab facilities to take care of their patients who are receiving addiction treatment. Our professionals make sure that the person leaves our treatment center by achieving sobriety in life. We offer both residential and outpatient treatment programs for addiction. These programs include relapse prevention therapy, CBT, DBT, EMDR, and Yoga therapy.

Feel free to contact us at (800) 817-1247, and we will come up with the right treatment plan for you!