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our story: Get to know us

The Recovery Team, once known as Recovery Resources, was founded by Fred Pettersen and Bill Schrader on the belief that no one was too hopeless to find freedom from alcoholism or drug addiction. They believed that with the right team of experts and resources available, all those suffering from alcoholism and addiction could and would find the help they deserve. Pettersen and Schrader founded their dream in 1995, making it come to life with a small outpatient clinic rooted in the foundation of the 12-steps. Their hope was to create a drug and alcohol treatment center that focused on providing each patient with guidance and love through different treatment modalities.

Our Story: the next steps

After much success with our patients’ ability to overcome their addiction and begin a new life in recovery, it became time to grow and achieve even more. Pettersen and Schrader knew that in order to make this new endeavor a success, they had to expand their continuum of care, increase treatment services, exceed patient and family expectations, and expand evidence-based practices. At this stage, it became fitting for a name change. In 2012, after seventeen years of hard-earned achievements, we became The Recovery Team. Our vision for the future remains rooted in our founding commitments to true addiction recovery.

Our Story: success lies ahead

Since then, we have helped thousands of men and women become free from addiction and go on to build productive lives in recovery. Together through our family of dedicated therapists, nurses, technicians and more, we have refined and honed the quality of care that is offered. There is no greater reward than seeing the faces of former patients who return for monthly alumni meetings, or hearing such great success stories from our patients in recovery!

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