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The Recovery Team—Drug Rehab in South Florida

Our Story: The Recovery Team (once known as Recovery Resources) founded itself on the belief that no one was too lost to find freedom from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or behavioral addiction.

It was created with a vision of a team of experts, a wealth of treatments, and a space of compassion where anyone suffering from drug ddiction and alcohol addiction could find help.

The recovery team is a drug and alcohol treatment center that provides individualized guidance and care through evidence based therapies

In 1995, The Recovery Team materialized with one outpatient clinic rooted in the foundation of the 12-steps. As practices improved and research advanced, the clinic expanded onto new campuses, employed only the brightest specialists, and began offering an array of scientifically supported treatments through multiple modalities:

Today—The Recovery Team is a drug and alcohol treatment center focused on providing each patient with individual guidance and effective care through evidence-based therapies. We currently exceed thousands of patients’ expectations each year, and our hope for community healing from substance use disorders has never been stronger.

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Expert Drug Rehab Specialists

A family of hand-selected specialists, therapists, nurses, technicians, and more uphold our future-focused rehab program of recovery excellence. Every day, they work to bring a brighter future to those struggling in the depths of despair, anxiety, and illness by offering outstanding service to each client according to an individual course of care.

Gorgeous Grounds

The Recovery Team’s campuses span multiple areas of South Florida such as Palm Springs and more. Our facilities (and their sister sites) contain some of the most advanced treatment technologies available, and we maintain a space where the experience of each client is valid, understood, and protected.

Our Story: Proven Methods

Our addiction treatment programs—for trauma and addiction recovery, family rehab, and those with dual diagnosis (or co-occurring disorders) and others—contain decades of clinical knowledge.

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Our staff continuously understands more about substance abuse, mental health issues, and wellness—rooting treatment options and practices in scientific study.