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Aetna Insurance for Detox Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Aetna provides health insurance as a subsidiary of CVS Health, providing coverage for substance abuse treatment to over 22 million Americans.

Their insurance plans vary widely by the employer, plan chosen, and provider, meaning it can sometimes be difficult to understand if Aetna will cover rehab, detox, and addiction treatment. 

We have worked with Aetna for decades. Our team of specialists is able to analyze your plan and verify coverage if you are looking to join our program. By working together, we can ensure maximum coverage for our drug rehab and depression symptoms treatment programs, use all available resources and benefits, and minimize any out-of-pocket expenses to you for your medically necessary treatment. Get a free consultation to verify your benefits by calling our team

Who Does Aetna Insure for Substance Use Disorders & Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Like many insurance companies, Aetna offers a variety of plans through employer group insurance that covers employees and their families. They also have Medicare and Medicaid plans for those who qualify. If you or a family member is on an Aetna plan, you probably have many options for types of drug rehab treatment that you may not be aware of. These can include a stay at an addiction center, behavioral health care, and drug rehab Florida centers.

Since our treatment facilities work actively with Aetna to secure coverage for drug abuse, we are able to make addiction treatment available to millions of Americans. Each of their plans may offer different treatment benefits to its members, but alcohol and drug detox, as well as rehab, outpatient, and inpatient services, are often covered.

To confirm your plan’s benefits and cut the cost of treatment, call or text to verify your coverage for addiction treatment through Aetna. 

Can I Receive Addiction Treatment through Aetna Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Aetna plans vary vastly from plan to plan. Some plans have limited coverage, but others are extremely comprehensive with coverage for most services. Understanding their insurance policies can be confusing, but all insurers are required by federal law to treat substance abuse as a medical necessity. In other words, they must cover some of the expenses to their guidelines. 

You may find that your Aetna plan covers all the expenses associated with rehab, medical detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient services. Others will have limits or a deductible that must be satisfied for substance use disorder coverage. But, we can reach out to Aetna for you to confirm your benefits for addiction treatment. Our approach is clear and straightforward, so you always know your financial responsibility to us after insurance is verified.

By confirming your benefits, you can see how much Aetna will cover while you or a loved one are in rehab, detox, or residential care. Knowing your Aetna benefits, you can rest and recover with more clarity and focus without worrying about high costs and copays.

Will My Aetna Plan Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

Since we have worked with Aetna for more than two decades, we can maximize your Aetna coverage for drug rehab at our treatment centers. Typically, coverage will depend on the medical necessity of addiction care and your unique needs. Our staff can aid in determining medical necessity, working with Aetna to limit your expenses. If all costs aren’t covered by Aetna, you will have certain guarantees:

  • On an open-access plan, you can choose your provider without a referral.
  • On a copay-only plan, costs are covered after your copays and deductible are met.
  • On a high-deductible plan, your costs are covered after a high deductible is met.

If you’re interested in whether Aetna could cover your addiction treatment costs, have our team verify benefits and check coverage for you. We can analyze your policy, contact Aetna, and ensure you know all the details of coverage needed to move forward with treatment. 

What Will Aetna Health Plans Cover for Addiction Treatment?

Aetna can cover different elements (or all) of treatment for drug & alcohol rehab addiction and substance abuse under certain plans and employer packages. Others will require deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket costs. Your Aetna plan could cover some of these crucial medical drug rehab services:

  • Medical detox
  • Substance abuse therapies
  • Individual and group counseling 
  • Outpatient treatment services
  • Residential drug treatment
  • Tests and evaluations
  • Aftercare planning
  • Management of depression symptoms

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs for Aetna Health Insurance

Aetna insures millions of Americans on many different plans for hundreds of employers. By working with Aetna for you, we can confirm your treatment options, display your medical necessity, and give you insight into your insurance coverage to help you choose recovery.

Call our compassionate team today to see if your Aetna insurance works for drug & alcohol rehab, substance abuse, depression symptoms and mental health services. We’re here to help from verifying insurance to providing the most comfortable care available.