Aetna Insurance

Aetna is a company that provides health insurance through employment, medicare and other avenues. Aetna is a subsidiary of CVS Health, and insures more than 22 million Americans. This company is one of “the big five” health insurance companies.

Insurance plans vary depending on a number of factors. The employer group, state and plan chosen all affect coverage. Specific coverage is dictated by the plan documents and sometimes difficult to analyze. Thankfully,  we have a team of insurance specialists who verify coverage for everyone looking to come to our program.

We have worked with Aetna to provide high quality care to its members for decades. Rest assured that we will work to ensure coverage and maximize its benefits for the best treatment plan available.

Who Does Aetna Insure?

Aetna offers a wide variety of insurance policies. They offer employer group health insurance that covers employees and their families. They also offer medicare and medicaid plans to those who are unable to get insurance or qualify for medicare. 

Aetna also ensures the dependents of people who are on employer group plans. Meaning children, spouses, and other dependents have coverage through Aetna when selected by the employee. If you are unsure of your coverage status or benefits, we are here to help.

Coverage Explained

Aetna coverage varies drastically from plan to plan. They have some plans with limited coverage like their medicare plans, but they also have extremely comprehensive plans with extensive coverage for most services. Understanding insurance policies coverage can be confusing.

Thankfully, we are here to help walk you through the process. It is our goal to provide top-notch care to everyone possible at an affordable rate. We work with Aetna to find out financial responsibility and explain that responsibility to each individual we treat so there are no surprises. Insurance verification and treatment is also confidential and protected by law so that your privacy is ensured.

Specific Coverage from Aetna

Our extensive work with Aetna members for more than two decades makes us qualified and able to treat most Aetna members. We have a team of staff who work with Aetna to maximize coverage and limit financial responsibility. This enables us to provide high quality care and longer term care when needed.

Specific coverage depends on the language of the plans contract and the medical necessity of the services provided. Our doctors and staff work to ensure the right level of care is provided based on the needs of the patient. We offer free and confidential verification of benefits. Let our team of insurance specialists make this process as painless as possible. 

Programs for Aetna Health Insurance

This insurance offers coverage for millions. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care available to anyone who needs it. Insurance verifications, medical care, and other information is confidential and not shared with anyone, including your employer without your consent. 

We respect your privacy and needs. Our admissions counselors are available to walk you through this complicated process 24 hours a day. If you or a family member is in need of the best substance abuse and mental health treatment available, we are here to help.

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