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Amphetamine Detection Window

Amphetamines are stimulant drugs that give off euphoric-like highs.

Amphetamine drug rehab? The overuse of these drugs can lead to misuse, abuse and addiction. In this article you will learn all about detection for amphetamines, and the amphetamine detection window time for different tests.  

Why Are People Tested for Amphetamines?

According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), amphetamines are classified as a Schedule II substance. What this means is that users are at a high risk for drug abuse and addiction when using amphetamines. 

There are many different reasons for determining if there are drugs or alcohol in an individual’s system. For example, parents, employers, coaches and others want to know what their son/daughter, employee or teammate is doing. Schools and private organizations are known to sometimes test. Testing is routinely occurring for those with a substance use disorder, to ensure they are keeping clean.

How are Amphetamines Tested?

Amphetamines are generally tested in most drug screenings. Due to the fact methamphetamine is an extremely hard substance to control, amphetamines are tested for regularly in methods like:  

  • Blood Test
  • Urine Test
  • Oral Test
  • Hair Test

Amphetamine Drug Rehab Help – Window Detection in Blood

The effectiveness of a blood test only lasts around four to six hours after an individual uses amphetamines. After 6 hours, amphetamines are no longer causing bodily effects. Be in mind, this can slightly vary from drug to drug. If a person still feels the effects of amphetamines in their system, the blood test will most likely detect usage. 

Amphetamine window Detection in Urine

Urine is the most typical method for testing amphetamines and meth. Factors such as how much of the drug a person took, and what type of drug it was all play into determining amphetamines in urine.

It is known that a positive urine test is most effective 4-6 hours of amphetamine consumption. However, this detection window can last up to three days. For those who regularly use amphetamines, detectability may be available up to a week after the last use. Methamphetamine is generally detectable for up to three days.

For urine detection, individuals will need to urinate into a sterile container. These tests do not take long to complete, and are usually detectable within a few minutes.

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Amphetamine Window Detection by Oral Fluid

Amphetamines can also be detected by a person’s oral fluid, rather known as saliva. This form of detection is not commonly used, however, it can detect usage in the last 24-48 hours. Police officers tend to use this method of testing because it’s simple, quick and non-invasive. 

This test is done by using a swab or mouth pad to gather saliva from the inside of a person’s mouth. This swab or pad is then tested, where you will quickly get your results from.

Amphetamine window Detection Through Strands of Hair

Amphetamine detection through strands of hair is one way of finding out long-term usage. It is possible to detect amphetamine use for up to 90 days with the use of hair particles.

On the flip side, hair testing is not as accurate when testing for short-term use. It can take up to 10 days for the drug substance to maneuver through the bloodstream into the hair particles.

Hair color plays a large factor when determining amphetamine use. Darker hair generally has more meth in it than those with lighter strands. Other factors such as hair treatment, chemical dyes, hair growth rate, and hygiene all play into hair detection times.

Ways That People Try to Alter Test ResultsAmphetamine drug rehab?

Millions of individuals try to find ways to beat their drug tests. A common method of “beating the system,” is when people attempt to use different urine. There are also common over the counter and household resources that users will take to flush out their system.However, today’s tests are becoming even more accurate with more advanced technologies. 

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