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Amphetamine Statistics & Drug Rehab FL

Amphetamines are a stimulant drug that speed up the way messages are moved throughout our brain and body.

These substances are generally used to treat hyperactive brain disorders, obesity and narcolepsy.

However, amphetamines are created and consumed illegally throughout the United States. The illicit use of these drugs lead to an increase in deaths from amphetamines.

In this article, you will learn all about the statistics of amphetamine use and abuse. 

Statistics on Amphetamine Use

Research statistics show that amphetamine use is currently on a rise like never before. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, amphetamine use and abuse is skyrocketing in college-aged adults. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are brain disorders that use amphetamines to treat.

An estimated 0.4%, or 964,000 people in the US, aged 12 or older had a methamphetamine use disorder in 2017. That is, they reported clinically significant impairment, including health problems, disability, and failure to meet responsibilities at work, school, or home as a result of their drug use. This number is significantly higher than the 684,000 people who reported having methamphetamine use disorder in 2016.

Adderall is one type of amphetamine being heavily misused by college students, athletes and more. In 2018, NIDA reported that 11.1% of enrolled college students are misusing and abusing amphetamine substances like adderall and vyvanse.

Studies show that college-aged males misuse these “study” drugs the most, reporting that 14.6% of this population has an issue. According to the Center for Young Adult Health and Development, 61.8% of college students said they were offered amphetamines at some point during their college career. 

The same study from above also looked at the misuse of opioids in college-aged students. As a result, 2.7% of students used some form of opioids while in college. Compared to amphetamine use at 11.1%, this comparison gap goes to show the widespread drug misuse of amphetamines. 

Who’s Using Amphetamines and Where?

Individuals across the country legally use prescription amphetamine medications to help with their health conditions. Common use of legal amphetamines are seen in the younger populations for those with attention deficit disorders and other health concerns. 

NIDA noted that 1 in 9 people between the ages of 12 and 25 use non-prescribed amphetamines. These individuals do not have a prescription for these substances and are illicitly using these drugs. 

Death Caused by Amphetamines

Amphetamine use in young adults is much higher compared to other substances. Yet, the number of amphetamine related deaths are much lower than opioid-related deaths.The long-term effects of these stimulant drugs can increase the risk for brain damage, heart attacks, overdose and even death.

The use of amphetamines over the last decade has increased over 200%. With reference to the JAMA Network, from 2003 to 2015, America saw 1 ,292, 300 amphetamine related hospital accounts.

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Amphetamine Use Globally

America unfortunately suffers from the largest misuse of prescription drugs around the world. However, individuals in other countries do have access to legal and illicit drugs, making drug addiction a worldwide issue.

In 2018, studies showed that more than 13 million individuals in Asia were using amphetamines. While 5.8 million were using in Africa, 9.4 million in the Americas, and lastly almost 3 million users in Europe.  According to reports by Statista.

Public View on Amphetamines

Knowing the statistics of amphetamine use clearly shows that there is a serious misuse and abuse issue caused from these stimulant drugs. However, compared to other illicit and harmful drugs, amphetamines aren’t as frequently talked about and receive less attention. 

When taken as prescribed, these drugs are generally safe to use. Yet, millions of individuals who use these drugs aren’t prescribed legally. Amphetamines are highly addictive substances, making it quite frightening that so many people use without needing it for actual concerns. 

These stimulant drugs have the ability to negatively affect someone’s mental, physical, emotional health, and cause depression symptoms .    

Getting Help for Amphetamine Addiction

For those misusing amphetamines, let your journey to recovery start today. There is the help you deserve out there.

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