Blue Cross Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a conglomerate of health insurance companies across the United States. They have 36 different companies and entities operating under their name and provide health insurance to more than 100 million people nationwide. If you consider them all as one entity they are by far the largest insurance company in the country. 

Since Blue Cross Blue Shield has so many separate entities and operating locations, their coverages and guidelines are truly diverse. A policy in California is likely to be quite different than one from Texas, however they all adhere to federal guidelines. 

Who Does BCBS Insure?

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers such a wide variety of plans due to their business model of having separate entities nationwide. Each one offers different plans to their members with different coverage options. This leads to an extremely diverse set of coverage options. 

BCBS offers plans to employees, individual plans bought on the exchange, medicaid, medicare and even some indemnity plans. They offer just about every type of plan available to people nationwide. 

BCBS Coverage Explained

As previously stated, it is difficult to identify specific coverage of a plan without calling the insurance company and verifying the benefits available. Thankfully, federal laws offer protections to those seeking treatment and coverage for substance abuse and mental health. 

Federal parity law is a federal law that requires substance use disorders and mental health issues be treated like any other illness. This ensures that most plans offer coverage for substance abuse in some capacity. Thanks to this law, your insurance policy will offer some type of coverage for substance abuse and mental health concerns.

We understand that insurance coverage can be a confusing subject, so we make it our goal and commitment to provide high quality care at an affordable rate for all. 

Specific Coverage from Blue Cross

We have worked with Blue Cross Blue Shield policies from every state in the US for over two decades. Our relationship with Blue Cross and experience treating their members allows us to maximize coverage wherever possible and medically appropriate. 

We have a team of expert staff who work on your behalf with Blue Cross to ensure coverage of medically necessary and covered services. This allows us to provide high quality care to those that need it. Let our experienced staff verify your coverage and ensure you get the care you need covered. 

Programs for BCBS Health Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield insured over a hundred million people nationwide. Our commitment is to provide the best care available to each and every person possible. Insurance benefits and coverage verifications are confidential and will not be shared with your employer, or anyone without your consent.  

We respect your privacy and needs. Our admissions counselors are available to walk you through this complicated process 24 hours a day. If you or a family member is in need of the best substance abuse and mental health treatment available, we are here to help.

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