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The Recovery Team

The Recovery Team works tirelessly to interrupt and heal the damage of addiction.  With success in mind, we work with patients and their families to restore lives worth living.  Our team is made up of dedicated individuals that not only care about recovery but have the credentials to help you find your way.  We believe in treating our patients with the same dignity and respect we extend to our families.  

We focus on providing the best evidence-based treatment possible.  Employees at The Recovery Team have access to a variety of career options and are trained in cutting-edge strategies for treating addiction and mental health conditions. We are always looking for motivated, innovative, and skilled people to join The Recovery Team.

In accordance with years of science and research, we treat the mind, body, and spirit.  Our workplace culture reflects our comprehensive, holistic approach.  At our multidisciplinary workplace, our employees are constantly challenged and energized. Our employees have the opportunity to grow and explore their strengths through collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking.  We believe If people are happy about the work they are doing, our patients feel supported.  Join us today!

705 Linton Blvd

Delray Beach, FL

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