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Understanding alcoholism Treatment, family sitting down in therapy session

Understanding Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism treatment is rather simple, but the terms and levels of care and treatment options can become confusing. This article will seek to explain the importance of alcoholism treatment as well as the types of care available.  Alcoholism: A Growing Problem According to the National Institute of Health, more than 5% of all Americans have …

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The Importance of Alcohol Detox

The Importance of Alcohol Rehab Detox

Alcoholism is a dangerous problem that affects the lives of millions around the world. In this article you will learn all about the importance of alcohol detox, and common withdrawal symptoms. If you or a loved one are struggling with an alcohol problem, life in recovery can be in your near future. Oftentimes, the most …

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We’ve Got Your Back: Heroes Treating Heroes

During the pandemic, local paramedics, police officers, firefighters and other first responders have stepped up to the plate, working hard to safeguard our lives, our homes and our businesses. Our state emergency response team is a Florida Division of Emergency Management providing disaster services, including coronavirus monitoring, to FL residents.  These emergency service workers are on …

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Is Rehab Treatment Right For Me?

Addiction is a condition of compulsive substance use despite the possibility of harmful consequences. It’s a chronic disease that may progressively get worse over time, especially if you ignore the problem. Sadly, there is a definite stigma attached to substance use disorder with many people being ashamed or afraid to seek rehab treatment.  According to …

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Tough Love: A Son’s Story of Sobriety

This National Recovery Month, we wanted to bring you stories from Recovery Team alumni who are clean and sober, truly taking advantage of everything recovery has to offer them. We spoke with Cheaney and knew that his story would be perfect to be published on National Son’s Day, September 28, 2020. Cheaney was born and raised …

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Addiction and Suicide

The relationship between addiction and suicide is a major driver in efforts, especially by friends and family members, to encourage people to go into recovery programs. Addiction and suicide: There is plenty of overlap between substance use disorders and other risk factors for suicide, such as depression, anxiety, criminal behavior, and traumatic personal histories. Those …

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Benefits of Group Therapy

What Is Group Therapy? Addiction therapy and recovery programs often include group therapy components. Generally speaking, it’s a method of therapy in which people who are dealing with similar issues work together to better understand themselves and their circumstances. Group therapy has been around for a long time and offers benefits that one-on-one treatment, even …

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Wendy Williams on her Cocaine Addiction

Wendy Williams is well-known for her honesty and her open nature. On her daytime talk show, “The Wendy Williams Show,” she is never afraid to speak her mind. She recently opened up about her diagnosis of hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease. She has also been open about other parts of her personal life such as her struggle …

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Exercise Can Help Prevent Cocaine Relapse

Anything that aids cocaine relapse prevention, especially when dealing with a drug as challenging to recover from using as cocaine, is welcome, and scientists have narrowed in on exercise as one aid that’s very worthy of consideration.  A 2018 study conducted at the University of Buffalo demonstrated that the combination of stress reduction and mood elevation …

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