Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna is a worldwide health services organization. They are one of the few health insurance companies that offers services in other countries. They are one of the biggest health insurance companies in the world boasting “more than 180 million customer and patient relationships in more than 30 countries and jurisdictions” on their website.

Cigna is one of the only insurance companies to offer global services and insurance coverage out of the country. As such, they are one of the largest insurance companies in the world. 

Cigna offers a wide array of health insurance plans to millions of Americans, making them one of the largest insurance companies nationwide. We are proud to work with Cigna to provide care to their members.

Who Does Cigna Insure?

Cigna insures millions of people across the globe. While we do not see it frequently, we have accepted out of country Cigna policies. Within the United States, we have treated thousands of Cigna members. 

Cigna insures people primarily through employer group policies, but also offers medicare plans to those who qualify. The majority of people in the United States who have Cigna health insurance have it through an employer. Children, spouses and other dependents of those employees also are eligible for Cigna coverage if elected.

Cigna Coverage Explained

Cigna coverage frequently depends on the type of plan selected by the employee. Cigna has exclusive provider plans, preferred provider plans, and even some indemnity plans. This means that there are different levels of coverage available to different members. 

There are also more specific plan guidelines that are dictated by the employer groups. Cigna coverage varies widely depending on the plan chosen. Thankfully, we work with Cigna frequently and can verify the specific coverage of any Cigna plan and explain it to anyone seeking treatment at one of our programs.

Specific Coverage from Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna has an entire department of staff devoted to behavioral health. This benefits patients and providers by ensuring that the correct benefits are quoted and available to those seeking treatment. 

We have a team of insurance specialists who ensure coverage is available to those we treat. Since coverage varies from plan to plan, it would be unfair for any provider to say they know the specific coverage of a plan without verifying it with Cigna. There are also federal laws that require substance abuse and mental health coverage be treated the same as any other illness to protect members.

Our insurance specialists contact Cigna and verify specific benefits every day. Since we have worked with Cigna for more than two decades, we understand the benefits and needs of our patients to ensure coverage is available.

Programs for Cigna Health Insurance

The Recovery Team has been in business for nearly three decades and treated thousands of Cigna members. We are proud to work with Cigna and grateful that they have a true understanding of substance abuse and mental health needs. This allows us to work with Cigna to ensure medically necessary services are covered. 

We have experienced utilization review staff who work with Cigna while patients are in treatment to ensure their coverage and limit financial responsibility. Our goal is to provide the best care to every patient we treat, at an affordable cost. 

We understand that insurance can be confusing and locating a program covered by insurance can sometimes be difficult. We are here to help. Let our experienced staff walk you through this process. If you or a family member are in need of treatment for chemical dependency or mental health, contact us today.

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