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The Recovery Team Drug Rehab FAQs

Drug Rehab FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your treatment philosophy?

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The Recovery Team takes a holistic view of drug addiction or alcohol addiction. We focus on how lifestyle, environment, physical health, and dual diagnosis play a part in drug and alcohol abuse. Learn more about drug rehab faqs on this page.

Through treatment, we prepare you for a full life in recovery using research-based addiction therapy, individualized treatment plans, and aftercare planning. Without fixating on the addiction itself, we empower you to focus on a satisfying future.

Are you a 12-step facility?

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12-step programs help many people, but such drug rehabs aren’t for everyone. At our facility, each patient has an active voice in the path they choose to overcome their substance use disorders. Empowerment is at the core of our facility and attending rehab treatment centers for addiction recovery. We work with clients to find their path.

What’s the recovery process like?

The Recovery Team’s treatment programs offer flexibility and personalized care. Through residential rehab and intensive outpatient program, clients access professional treatment through individual therapy, support groups, family therapy, and rehab programs specific to their condition. 

Is your staff licensed?

Since 1995, our dedicated employees have been licensed to care for all clients’ physical, emotional, and mental health. With licensed doctors, therapists, nurses, counselors, group leaders, and facilitators—our passion breaks chemical dependence.

Is the center accredited?

The Recovery Team is accredited by The Joint Commission and LegitScript. Both these organizations standardize and monitor drug and alcohol treatment at rehab centers across the country. Our high success and status with them speak volumes for our care.

How do I admit and travel to The Recovery Team?

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Call The Recovery Team, and a member of our confidential admissions team will complete a 15-minute, pre-admission assessment to create a detailed individualized plan tailored to you. (Personal treatment proves more effective at minimizing relapse.)

If needed, we help coordinate and book arrangements for your travel to our drug and alcohol treatment facility in South Florida through Palm Beach International Airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and Miami International Airport.

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Our Admissions Department then provides transportation from the airport to our facility where you will begin your tour of the facility and settle into your suite, ready to enjoy our features and amenities.

Drug Rehab Faqs: What should I bring to treatment?

We want you to be comfortable and at home during your stay. You can learn what to bring, what to leave at home, and the process for checking in your luggage through discussion with our counselors, but please bring a list of all prescription drugs.

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Do you accept insurance?

We accept most major insurances. If you have coverage from private insurance, your treatment is likely covered. For more information regarding treatment and admissions, call our counselors to verify benefits.

for more information regarding treatment and admissions, call our counselors to verify benefits

What are your private pay rates?

Please call a confidential admissions counselor for more information on private rates and other drug rehab faqs.

Most Insurance Accepted.

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