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Finding the Proper Drug Rehab Center For You or Your Loved One

Whether you are looking for treatment for yourself, or are helping a loved one get help, finding the proper rehab center can be difficult.

Although this step can be quite overwhelming, it’s an indication that you have already conquered the most challenging step in the journey toward recovery. Once you have decided to get treatment, the next step in the process is finding the proper drug rehab center for you or your loved one. It’s important to find a center that has the ability to help your specific needs, but how do you find the best one for you or your loved one?

In this article you will learn how to find the proper treatment center for you or your loved one. 

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Here are some factors to give thought to: 

Various Types of Treatment Programs for Substance Abuse: 

Sober Living: Sober housing allows patients to reside in supervised, temporary housing, while having the choice to attend treatment programs.  

Intensive Outpatient Treatment: Commonly known as IOP, this type of outpatient treatment offers more flexibility than PHP. Patients are able to receive professional addiction help while maintaining their home and work lives.

Outpatient Treatment: Outpatient treatment is a therapy-focused, non-residential type of treatment. Here, patients reside at home and go to the treatment center for sessions with addiction treatment professionals. 

Partial Hospitalization Program: Oftentimes referred to as PHP, this type of outpatient treatment gives patients the flexibility to maintain a functional life, while still receiving full-time treatment care. At the end of the day, patients are free to leave the facility to go home, or to a sober-living community.

Inpatient Treatment: Inpatient treatment is a clinically based treatment type where patients live at the treatment center while completing their program. In inpatient care, patients will be supported by 24-hour medical staff.

Residential Treatment: With treatment similarities to inpatient, residential allows patients to still receive intensive medical and emotional help, while living in more home-styled environments. 

Finding the Proper Drug Rehab Center Begins by Defining your Needs:

Once you have decided on the best type of treatment setting for your needs and circumstances, the next step is searching for different programs and finding centers that meet your specific needs. 

The following are questions to consider asking when researching different treatment centers: 

  • What treatment methods do they offer?
  • Are they a licensed and accredited facility?
  • What insurance plans do they accept?
  • Do they offer medically assisted detox?
  • What are their holistic therapy options?
  • What is their admissions process like?
  • Do they provide aftercare support?
  • Do they have an alumni program?  

It is important to create a list of questions to ask each facility when you speak with them. Since each center offers different programs and amenities, we recommend creating a list of your specific needs and wants before you call, so you do not leave anything out. 

Addiction Drug Rehab Center at The Recovery Team 

The Recovery Team is a dual diagnosis treatment center offering PHP, IOP, and OP services. Our team takes a big picture approach to your addiction or alcoholism treatment. 

We look at how different factors such as lifestyle, environment, physical health, and co-occurring mental illness plays a part in drug and alcohol abuse. Our goal is to utilize proven treatment modalities to help our patients live clean and sober.

Our team of medical professionals will prepare you for a full life in recovery using research-based addiction therapy, individualized treatment plans, and aftercare planning. Our admissions staff is available to talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Recovery is possible. Find the proper drug rehab center for you or your loved one, and get the help you deserve today. Call us at (800) 817-1247