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Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery for First Responders

Sacrifice, Stress, and Substance Abuse

Handling danger and saving lives—extreme stress taxes emotional, mental, and physical health. Being a first responder takes strength, resilience, and determination.

3 first responders next to an ambulance

These vital skills will serve you as you begin your recovery journey among those suffering from substance abuse.

Today, thousands struggle with untreated PTSD because of trauma in the line of duty. Without other ways of managing, the job’s heavy expectations tempt them to cope with drugs or alcohol.

These brave people suffer the demands of their duty, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse sees more instances of first responders turning to addiction each year as a result:

  • One-third of police officers abuse alcohol after four years on the force.
  • Almost half of all EMTs engage in high-risk alcohol and drug use.
  • One in ten firefighters abuse drugs, and one in three abuse alcohol.
  • First responders often self-medicate job-related conditions like pain and PTSD.
emt sitting by ambulance
One-third of police officers abuse alcohol after four years on the force.

We Have Hope for Heroes

First responders exemplify bravery in the face of life-threatening situations and pressured conflicts. They draw on inner courage and strength every day to protect our homes, safeguard our communities, and deliver our loved ones to safety. The first responders of the world, we rely on in our most desperate and dark times.

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The Recovery Team’s treatment programs affirm their selfless resolve, believing each deserves custom treatment. If you currently use drugs or alcohol to cope, we’re confident in your ability to change. As you protect our homes and homeland, we aim to return the favor with drug addiction treatment tailored to fit your unique medical and mental health needs. 

  • You control violent situations and protect the population.
  • You mitigate natural disasters and respond to emergencies.
  • You heal people and save lives after accidents or attacks.
  • First responders like you have the control and courage to change forever.

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Drug Rehab: We Share the Mission to Serve

As trained addiction drug rehab treatment practitioners, we know everyone deserves a chance to feel safe—no matter their job—and to heal—no matter how strong. The brave men and women who are our first responders deserve the opportunity to be healed by methods proven through scientific research and peer-reviewed study.

We realize everyone has their own purpose in becoming sober, so we offer comfortable detox and care plans to first responders who decide the needs of their program and their types of treatment. For those who carry trauma each day, we can lessen the toll it takes and address the unique challenges of being a first responder.

It all depends on your unique process and diagnosis. We simply ask that you reach for the help you deserve:

  1. Contact The Recovery Team. Tell us your story, and learn how we can help you through evidence-based, compassionate assistance.
  2. Choose a recovery plan for you. Decide on the right detox, residential rehab, or outpatient program services for your health and insurance.
  3. Free yourself from addiction. Restore your hope and sense of purpose within a life free of addiction.
first responders like you have the control and courage to change forever

Results for First Responders: Addiction & Drug Rehab

Our clients include emergency personnel, paramedics, firefighters, corrections, and police officers. After group therapy, support groups, individual therapy, and multiple treatment options, they lead happier, healthier lives because of our help. Elite medical teams and top-tier facilities cut cravings, avoid withdrawal symptoms, and uplift you to become yourself again. 

Draw Your Courage. Make the Change.

Whether you struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder or another, co-occurring mental health issue, our treatment facilities are here to help process traumatic events and limit how addiction affects your life, your family members, and your community. 

Start your drug rehab recovery journey, and receive treatment from our experienced specialists.