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How Addiction Affects the Family Unit

Addiction can completely take over one’s life. The pain and suffering not only affects the addicted individual, but the loved ones as well. Addiction is a family disease, and there can be a lot of deception and anger present in the entire family unit. At our drug and alcohol treatment center in Florida, we understand that because the entire family is affected by the disease of addiction, involving the family in therapy sessions is an essential part of the drug rehab & addiction recovery journey.

Our family program for addiction helps families come together and heal during this difficult time. Everyone is able to express their feelings and how the addiction has personally affected them. Understanding the effects that addiction has on other people is an important part of the recovery journey so that you can learn to make amends.

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Drug Rehab: Addiction Causes Pain and Suffering for Loved Ones

The unpredictability and deception that occurs from a family member who abuses drugs or alcohol can cause anxiety, stress, and emotional pain for their loved ones surrounding them. All trust can be broken, and the addicted individual will find ways to go behind their family member’s backs to hide their substance abuse, or even to steal money from them for drugs.

The frequent outbursts and unhealthy behavior that addiction causes can affect the family unit and cause disruption. Healthy communication gets lost along the way. Addiction can truly leave family members hurt, and even push your most supportive loved ones away.

How to Heal a Family Unit

Addiction recovery should include family therapy so that all members can personally share their struggles and how the disease has affected them. This is the time to lay it all out on the table, and each member will learn how to make amends in therapy.

Everyone will learn how to strengthen their communication skills and get on the same page. A family program for addiction will educate everyone on the disease and explain the enabling behaviors to look out for.

The Recovery Team offers drug rehab & addiction treatment, as well as a family program for addiction.

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