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How to Help a Loved One Into Treatment

It is all too common for you or a family member to recognize someone needs alcoholism or addiction drug treatment before they do.

Do you or someone you know and love need drug rehab help? If you are beginning to think someone has a problem with drugs or alcohol, these suspicions are often correct. Despite this, it is vital that people who are struggling with drugs or alcohol are approached in the proper manner. 

When approached aggressively, addicts and alcoholics tend to feel attacked and are likely to resist or lash out. Communicating concern and offering support is usually the correct way to approach the issue. Tough love and more aggressive techniques should be used as a last resort. 

Alcoholism and addiction are life or death and it is critical that those who are struggling and unable to overcome addiction receive the treatment they need. 

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How do I know a loved one needs drug rehab help?

Tell-tale signs of alcoholism or addiction are a failure to meet normal responsibilities, withdrawal from family and friends, and changes in moods and behaviors. These things may indicate a need to intervene with the person and help encourage treatment. Intervention does not always need to be the formal, stressful scene seen on TV, but rather can be a simple discussion about addressing a problem. 

If you begin to recognize behaviors that are characteristic of alcoholism or addiction, then there is a good chance treatment is a good option. Some of these behaviors include morning drinking, hiding drugs or alcohol use, and more. Other signs to look for will be addressed herein. 

Poor impulse control

Having poor impulse control is often a sign of alcohol or drug abuse. If you make plans with someone to go out to eat, or to the movies, but they cancel at the last minute to prioritize drinking, then they are exhibiting poor impulse control and drug seeking behavior. If a night out at the bar turns into a fight or excessive binge drinking for more than the evening, then treatment is probably needed to address their drinking. 

Financial recklessness

Financial recklessness can also be a red flag or a sign of alcoholism. If someone starts hiding money, or spending excessive amounts of money on alcohol, then there is likely an issue with alcohol. Sometimes people who drink will even steal or hide a bank account to finance their alcoholism. If things become this bad, then it is a sign that they likely need professional help. 

Employment issues

Employment issues and alcoholism or addiction go hand in hand. Inability to meet work responsibilities or deadlines, showing up late, and unemployment are all signs that alcoholism has progressed. These issues must be caused by alcohol or drugs for them to be signs that professional help is needed. Some people do just have issues at work that are not solely to be blamed on alcoholism or addiction. 

However, when someone is late to work due to their drinking, or gets fired for drinking on the job, then it is likely time for professional help. Alcohol can lead to a list of negative consequences for the body, and life of the alcoholic. 

Drug rehab help treatment options

Thankfully, treatment options are becoming available closer to home with the expansion in facilities nationwide. This is due to an increased need for treatment due to an increase in alcohol and drug abuse. Finding a good treatment option usually begins with an assessment of the person struggling to determine their needs. An individualized treatment plan can then be made to fit their needs. 

If you have a suspicion that a loved one or friend is struggling with alcohol or addiction, then we are here to help. It can be difficult to approach them or speak with them about the issue. We can help guide you through this process and ensure that they receive the care they need. 

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