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Medical Integration

Substance abuse and mental health are two issues that are plaguing the United States.

They often require a drug rehab treatment program to be addressed properly. As medical integration treatment program options expand, innovative new treatment models also become more readily available.

Medical integration in substance abuse treatment refers to the integration of medical services and primary care to a treatment program. Many traditional substance abuse programs solely treat substance abuse and mental health. When patients at these facilities need medical care or to meet a primary doctor, they are often referred to outside facilities or doctors. Sometimes care is even delayed.

Bringing true primary medical care into the treatment model without the need to go to an external location is beneficial for a number of reasons. Integrating medical treatment improves cohesion and collaboration between disorders and conditions. It increases the speed at which problems are addressed and considered. It also ensures that all doctors and clinicians meeting the patient have the most up to date information to properly treat the individual.

Medical integration in substance abuse treatment also ensures safety of each and every client. Knowing that medical issues can be addressed and treated immediately, on site provides peace of mind to those we treat and their families. 

Reasons for Medical Integration & Drug Rehab FL

Addiction and long term substance abuse wreak havoc on the body. This often results in the need for medical care and attention when entering treatment. Medical integration also helps with the continuum of care. When medical issues arise, they can be shared with therapists and psychiatrists to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

Knowledge of proper medical history and assessment by medical doctors also benefits the individual. It helps professionals create an optimized treatment plan. We ensure that patients receive immediate care that ensures their safety, comfort, and a high quality of care. 

Additionally, there are some high-risk complications that occur during detox, and for some time afterwards. Seizures, delirium tremens, and mental breakdowns are common side effects of withdrawal and can sometimes occur after detox in more severe cases. Medical integration ensures that these high-risk patients are monitored and treated with the utmost sense of urgency and care. 

Evidence of Benefits Due to Medical Integration

Evidence of medical integration benefits is not a recent discovery. Unfortunately, many facilities just did not have the means to integrate medical care properly until more recent years.

A study published in 2001 showed extremely promising results from medical integration in substance abuse treatment. The study focused on two control groups, one with medically integrated care, and one without. The ones with integrated medical care had higher abstinence rates/ The study stated “ Individuals with medically integrated care benefit from integrated medical and substance abuse treatment”. 

While understanding that medical integration is beneficial is not a new idea, it is finally being adopted more readily. Our decision to offer medical integration in our treatment program centers around our goal of providing the highest quality of care possible to our patients. Our mission is to provide the highest success rates possible and make abstinence obtainable for all. 

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How Medical Integration Works in Substance Abuse Treatment

Medical integration and the utilization of it in treatment for our patients is simple. People are seen upon entry to our program by our doctors and an intake assessment is completed. This helps our medical staff identify any preexisting conditions, as well as look for conditions the individual is unaware of. 

Care does not stop there, however. Our medical staff ensure proper administration of medications, and monitor patients progress throughout treatment. They meet with patient’s on a regular basis to ensure their stability. They are also available for emergencies and at the patient’s request. 

Is Medical Integration Necessary?

Addiction and long term drug use cause health related issues. These issues can inhibit people’s success in recovery. Identifying and addressing health complications is a critical part of treatment and helps improve outcomes.

Medical integration’s proven results help provide the highest chance at success for everyone. Medical integration allows for truly individualized treatment plans that address all aspects of the person; physical and mental. Attending the most qualified treatment program that provides the highest quality of care is of paramount importance.

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With decades of experience and innovation, we are uniquely qualified to provide the best care available to our patients. We treat substance use disorders, mental health, and medical issues in one place. Our treatment programs are safe, comfortable, and backed by professionals.

If you or a family member is struggling with a substance use disorder, we are here to help. Our team is able to address all of your needs and guide those in need to successful drug rehab recovery. 

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