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Professional Program

Addiction does not discriminate. It affects Americans from all races, religions, and professions.

However, we understand that for professionals, it can be difficult to drop everything and enter a treatment professional program.

Thankfully, The Recovery Team understands the unique needs of professionals and has a comprehensive drug and alcohol program to help. In this article you will learn about our professional program, and how to get started.

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We recognize and facilitate the specific needs of professionals entering our program. Some people need access to their phones, emails or other accommodations. Others just need therapy that isn’t adolescent or rudimentary. We tailor individualized treatment plans that fit the needs of all professionals we treat. 

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Who Qualifies for the Professional Program?

Our goal at The Recovery Team is to meet the needs of all professionals, with specifically chosen programs and therapies. Our professional program is designed for executives, doctors, lawyers, therapists, psychologists, healthcare professionals  and much more. We understand that you cannot put life on a 30 day hold for treatment, which is why we created this program.

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We also understand that being treated the same way as younger people with a SUD may not be effective for professionals. This is why we created and provide the professionals program. Our goal is to treat alcohol and substance abuse disorders. We do this by treating underlying issues and facilitating the outside needs of professionals.

How Does Our professional program Work?

Our goal is to treat our clients and return them to their professional lives with the skills to perform above and beyond their prior selves. While overcoming addiction is not easy, it often provides new skills, strengths, and growth. We want to see our clients thrive in their professions upon completion of our professionals program. 

Our experienced staff can help guide you through the program. We also have connections with countless employers, hospitals and even some state boards to ensure a smooth transition back to work.

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We use evidence based treatment modalities in our program. We utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy and individual therapy. Our treatment process focuses on substance use disorders for those looking to return to work.

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Our treatment team is a multidisciplinary group of therapists and doctors who understand the needs of professionals.

We are also a confidential program. HIPAA laws protect our clients. However, so does our discretion and respect for your privacy.  Ensure that our clients have a profession to return to and help guide them back to success.

Continuing Care

One of the more important parts of treatment for professionals is aftercare planning. While we do offer long term care, we understand the professionals need to return home and to work. We create personalized care plans for after treatment to help our clients succeed. We offer outpatient therapy, recommend therapy sessions, and help provide structure when returning home.

Structure helps guide our professionals back to their responsibilities in a way that helps prevent relapse and maintain stability. Our aftercare plans also include help with transition back to work for those who require completion letters to boards or employers.

Why The Recovery Team?

Our addiction treatment programs are backed by decades of experience and success stories. Our staff understand the individual needs of the patient. We focus on addressing addiction, but also the underlying issues and decision-making patterns that led to the need for treatment.

We know how difficult it can be for professionals to reach out and ask for help. That’s why we tailored this program to meet their specific needs. We understand and have the means to help all professionals get the help they deserve and provide them with the tools to return to a successful flourishing life. 

We are Here to Help

This can be a difficult process. We are here to help. Our experienced admissions counselors can walk you through this process. 

We are available 24/7 to discuss drug rehab addiction treatment services and guide you or a loved one to the professional program they need. Call us anytime at (800) 817-1247