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Self-Pay Rehab

The initial decision to join a drug or alcohol treatment program is the most difficult part of the recovery process.

Once an individual has made his or her decision to recover from addiction, the next question that comes to mind is, “how will I cover my treatment cost?” Here, you will have several options. 

The Recovery Team accepts most private insurance plans. Verify your insurance today by calling our admissions team, or completing your form here.

Another option for covering the cost of treatment at The Recovery Team is through self-pay. In most cases, insurance does cover some, or all of the cost for treatment. However, every plan differs, and some individuals cover through self-pay. 

Self-pay is just another way to cover the cost of treatment. Typically, this option is used when your insurance does not cover the cost of the treatment program you need, or if you simply do not have insurance. At The Recovery Team, we work diligently with each patient to understand their insurance plan, and help them get the care they deserve.

Our philosophy believes that every individual should have the opportunity to receive treatment no matter what. That is why we want you to understand the different ways to cover the cost of treatment. In this article you will read all about self-pay options for covering the cost of addiction and mental health treatment.

Does Self-Pay Cover the Cost of Drug Rehab Treatment?

Whether you have heard the terms self-pay or out-of-pocket, both interchangeable terms refer to a common type of method used for covering treatment cost. If you decide this method is the right one for you, continue on to learn all of the important factors that come along. 

Most of the time, treatment fees are determined based on the duration of time you will be spending at rehab. For instance, the more time you spend in treatment, the more your fees will likely be. This correlation has to do with the amount of time you are receiving services for. 

There are several different factors that can alter the price of treatment. Inpatient treatment is generally more expensive than outpatient treatment. The cost for inpatient or residential treatment takes into account your room fees, and different facility features or amenities. Many facilities offer services that you can add to your program such as massage or equine therapy. Although these services may already come in your program cost, these added extras can increase the cost of treatment depending on which facility you join. 

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Our staff will help you understand all of our self-pay rates, and everything you will be receiving for that cost. We want to help you recover from your addiction and mental health disorders today. 

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Different Options for Private Pay 

It’s okay if you are not financially able to pay for your addiction or mental health treatment. Many individuals across the country also feel this way, and that is why we are here to be your treatment cost resource. If you are in this position, do not feel worried because there are several self-pay options available! 

The first method we recommend is to reach out to family and close friends who are driven to see you recover from drugs or alcohol. If you believe you have a strong relationship and understanding with this individual, you may ask this person for a private loan to cover the cost of treatment. Although this method may not be your preferred option, it does not hurt to ask. Also, we like to note the importance of having a strong support system by your side during this time.

In addition to the above, another method may be receiving a private medical loan from your credit agency or bank. There are also numerous finance agencies that specialize in behavioral health and addiction lending.   

Why do Individuals Who Have Insurance Sometimes Use Self-Pay?

At The Recovery Team, we understand that insurance and coverage for treatment can be a frustrating topic for many. This is because every plan is different, and most of the time, these companies have very strict insurance guidelines. As a result of this, these guidelines can limit your treatment options. 

These limitations can be frustrating and overwhelming, making it easier to use self-pay in certain cases. When an individual covers their cost of treatment through self-pay gives them full control over what facility and services they wish to receive. Another useful factor of using self-pay is that you will be able to enter the facility at a much faster rate.

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