UMR Insurance

UnitedHealth Group is the company that owns and runs UMR. UMR is a third party administrator for employers, offering management of health plans and customized health plans through the UnitedHealthcare network. This means that employer groups who want to provide specific coverage for their employees utilize UMR to create a health plan to cover their employees.

UMR provides flexibility to employers, allowing them to build their own health insurance plans. They utilize the proven United Healthcare network for services while offering very specific customized plans to employer groups.

Who Does UnitedHealth Group Insure?

UMR is short for United Medical Resources. UMR insures employees of employer groups of all sizes. UMR has been in business for 70 years, and has a large base of clients nationwide. UMR insures over 5 million people across the country. It is a smaller insurance company, but offers such a diverse set of plans to employers. 

While UMR insures less people than the larger insurance companies like Aetna or Blue Cross, their customizable plan structure and individual focus makes them succeed. Some of their plans are the most comprehensive in the country and sometimes cover services at a higher rate than other companies.

UMR Coverage Explained

UMR coverage is highly dependent on the plan. Due to their design structure of being customizable plans for employer groups, many plans are extremely different. Some plans offer extremely comprehensive coverage, while others may be extremely limited, or even have a tiny network of covered medical providers.

Specific Coverage from UnitedHealth Group

We have worked with UMR and their plans for more than a decade. We have a positive relationship with them that allows us to provide care to most of their members. Specific coverage depends on the underlying plan and specifications of the employer.

Most plans are built on basic UHC plans and networks such as Choice Plus policies. However those plans can then be modified to meet the needs of the employer. Federal laws still dictate the minimum coverage guidelines, meaning that substance abuse and mental health are required to be covered the same as any other service on the plan.

We have a team of insurance specialists who work tirelessly to ensure coverage is available to those we treat. They work with UMR and other insurance companies to verify specific coverage and maximize benefits available to our patients. 

We also have staff who work with UMR while patients are in treatment to maximize their coverage and make sure that medically necessary services are covered. Our goal is to provide high quality care to every patient we treat, at an affordable cost. 

Programs for UnitedHealth Group Health Insurance

The Recovery Team has a full continuum of care to treat a wide range of needs for substance abuse and mental health. We have worked with UMR for decades and are proud to treat their members.

We understand that insurance can be confusing. Finding a program covered by insurance can be difficult. We are here to help. Let our experienced staff walk you through this process. If you or a family member are in need of treatment for chemical dependency or mental health, contact us today. 

Call our admissions counselors at (800) 817-1247.

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