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UnitedHealth Group is the company that owns and runs United Healthcare. United Healthcare is a healthcare conglomerate that manages care for Optum, Golden Rule, and other companies. They also have United Behavioral Health or UBH, who handles all of their behavioral health, substance abuse, and mental health claims. They have many subsidiaries and different types of plans. They offer multiple levels of plan that cover varying services at different rates.

United Healthcare provides care to more than 30 million people nationwide. They are considered to be one of the biggest insurance companies in the country. If you combine all of their subsidiaries, they are the second largest insurer nationwide behind Blue Cross. Thankfully, we work with United Healthcare to provide quality care to those who need it.

Who Does UnitedHealth Insure?

United Healthcare, or UHC, covers Americans in all 50 states. They have more than 30 million people insured. This means they offer a large variety of plans and ways to get these plans. This also results in a wide array of coverage options and combinations. 

UHC offers plans to employer groups, which encompasses a large majority of its insured. This means that millions of its members have insurance through UHC through their employer. They also offer individual marketplace plans that can be paid for on a monthly basis without employment. They also offer a range of different medicare and medicaid plans to those who qualify. 

UnitedHealth Care Coverage Explained

Coverage for a United Healthcare policy is dependent on the policy itself. UHC offers a couple products or policy types. They include UHC Select, Select Plus, Choice, and Choice Plus or Navigate. Thankfully, there are federal laws that require substance use and mental health services be covered the same as any other service. 

UHC Select policies are exclusive provider organization plans, meaning they only cover in-network providers and facilities. For people in more rural areas, this makes things difficult because there may be no in-network providers for the services they need.

UHC Choice and Navigator plans are usually HMO policies with coverage limited to in-network doctors. Some services even require a referral from a primary care physician. This limits care for some people that are unable to get a local referral or may need coverage while out of state. 

UHC Choice Plus and Select Plus are preferred provider organization plans that offer out of network and in-network coverage nationwide. These plans are considered the best because they cover services everywhere. If someone with one of these policies gets sick on vacation, they can easily go to the nearest doctor’s office or hospital and have coverage. 

Since coverage is dependent on the policy type, it can be difficult and confusing for some people to know their coverage level. Thankfully, we have a team of insurance specialists who verify policies for all of our prospective clients who are seeking help.

Specific Coverage from UnitedHealth

We have worked with United Healthcare for the better part of two decades and treated thousands of UHC members. If you have a UHC policy of any kind, we are more than happy to verify your insurance and explain your coverage to you. We verify insurance policies to ensure our patients understand their responsibility and what is covered.

We also have a team of staff who work to ensure that all medically necessary services get covered by United Healthcare. It is by doing so that we are able to provide the highest quality of care at an affordable cost. We strive to provide the best care to everyone we treat and maximize coverage. 

We can verify your insurance and explain specific coverage to you or a loved one in need of help. If there is ever a policy that we cannot take, we are happy to provide referrals to the best provider possible using our wide network of connections in the substance abuse and mental health industry. 

Programs for UHC Health Insurance

United Healthcare covers millions of people nationwide. We have worked with UHC for years and have the ability to ensure the best coverage to meet our patients medical needs. Insurance verification and treatment is entirely confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

We understand that finding a treatment program covered by your insurance can be a difficult and confusing process. Our experienced admissions counselors are here to help. If you have any questions or need help finding the best treatment program that works with your insurance, give us a call anytime.

Call our admissions counselors at (800) 817-1247.

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