Value Options/Beacon Health Insurance

Beacon Health Options is a nationwide health benefit manager that specialize in behavioral health. Beacon is the product of a merger between ValueOptions and Beacon Health Strategies. Beacon is utilized by a multitude of health insurance companies to manage their substance abuse, behavioral, and mental health benefits and claims.

Beacon serves more than 40 million members nationwide and has a name for being the best in the business with regard to mental health and substance abuse. Their unique specialization in the behavioral health industry makes them a great insurance solution provider and we are proud to accept Beacon policies.  

Who Does Beacon Insure?

Beacon insures over 40 million people across the United States. They cover providers in all 50 states. They offer a pretty wide variety of plans and services ranging from medicaid and medicare to subsidiary plans with specific coverage. 

Beacon Coverage Explained

Beacon coverage is dependent on the plan and insurance company. Many insurance companies like Blue Cross, Cigna, and United Healthcare utilize Beacon for their behavioral health services. This means that while they are the insurance company, Beacon handles the mental health and substance abuse benefits on their behalf. 

Thankfully, Beacon focuses heavily on substance abuse and mental health services, and frequently offers comprehensive coverage on many of its policies. They also understand the needs of the individual and go above and beyond to ensure coverage of services that are medically necessary wherever possible. 

Specific Coverage from Beacon Health Options

Beacon Health Options has worked in the behavioral health and substance abuse industry for three decades. We have worked with Beacon for more than half of that time and are proud to have a good relationship with them and their employees. 

We have a team of insurance specialists who work tirelessly to ensure coverage is available to those we treat. Since coverage varies from insurance company to company and plan to plan, it would be an injustice for anyone to say they know the specific coverage of a plan without verifying it first hand with Beacon.

Our insurance specialists contact Beacon and verify specific benefits on a daily basis. We can do a free and confidential verification of benefits for you or a loved one to find their specific coverage and explain it to you. We strive to provide the highest quality of care possible to those who need it. 

Programs for Beacon Health Insurance

The Recovery Team has multiple levels of care to ensure we meet the specific needs of our patients. We treat substance abuse and mental health, and Beacon has the understanding of patient needs to cover the services we provide when covered and medically necessary. We have worked with Beacon for decades and are proud to treat their members. 

We also have staff who work with Beacon while patients are in treatment to maximize their coverage and limit financial responsibility. Our goal is to provide the best care to every patient we treat, at an affordable cost. 

We understand that insurance can be confusing. Finding a program covered by insurance can be difficult. We are here to help. Let our experienced staff walk you through this process. If you or a family member are in need of treatment for chemical dependency or mental health, contact us today. 

Call our admissions counselors at (800) 817-1247.

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