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Verify Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The Recovery Team believes that substance abuse treatment should be accessible and attainable by all.

Effective, liberating care is possible for you with the right services, pricing, and insurance. If you or a loved one needs help, call our confidential counselors to answer questions, get details, and verify insurance benefits.

Are your services covered by insurance?

Insurance coverage varies depending on employer, plan, and rehab program. Covering addiction treatment programs is—however—a requirement for most plans since substance abuse is a federally recognized medical condition.

Your essential health benefits may therefore cover many types of treatment for drug abuse.

If you’re not sure your private insurance offers treatment coverage, call us at The Recovery Team today. Our admissions staff will be able to help you understand what your insurance plans cover and our rehab center’s payment plans. Largely, health care insurance will cover most or all of your addiction and mental illness treatment.

How do I verify insurance?

Our admissions team will gladly verify your coverage by gathering your policy number and provider. Then, we will contact your insurance provider to learn more about what type of coverage you hold, and if it can apply to our treatment services. This is quick, and it allows you to better understand your coverage and what the costs may be.

Through our verify insurance process, we will verify your plan, the care your coverage pays for, and the remaining deductibles you will have to pay. This fast and effective process is completely confidential with no impact on your insurance, employment, or situation. 

Verify Insurance: Which plans does The Recovery Team accept?

We accept most types of health insurance. We work with individual policies purchased under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as well as policies through an employer. We also accept some types of state-funded insurance, depending on the policy.

We have a team of insurance experts who will be able to answer all of your questions and verify your insurance. You may also learn more about accepted insurances at The recovery Team through our menu, under insurance.

What if I don’t have insurance?

If you do not have health insurance, The Recovery Team offers competitive self-pay and scholarship options. We will provide you with all of the information you need to know about our services. Then, you can decide your next step. Call our center for more information regarding these options.  

Are all services covered by my insurance?

Most plans do cover the cost of addiction and mental health treatment. Yet, each plan differs. The types of services commonly covered include:


Addiction and mental health-related assessments are generally covered by insurance. These assessments may include traveling to our facility, meeting our staff, and completing a full psychological or physical evaluation.  

Psychiatric Services

Working with a licensed psychiatrist to deal with substance use disorder and addiction is a service covered under most plans. Our professional staff of medical experts is licensed and certified to provide you with their help and service. Insurance plans recognize the legitimacy of our mental health and substance abuse services. 


People who are in severe need of detoxification from drugs or alcohol generally receive detox coverage. In most cases, this coverage will pay for your care at the detox facility. 

Detox is the phase where you break your chemical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Individuals who go to detox will be supervised 24 hours per day by medical staff. Detox services are available for both emergency cases, and for those who want to take their first step toward recovery.  

Inpatient and Residential Care: Verify Insurance

Inpatient and residential care are common treatment modalities where individuals live at the treatment center while they learn therapeutic techniques and skills from trained therapists. 

Patients will reside at the facility for the full duration of their program. The length of time a person needs to stay in residential care depends on the severity of their needs. Our insurance experts will be able to verify your plan and potential length of stay.

Outpatient Care

Unlike inpatient care, outpatient treatment means visiting our facility for various therapies sessions, leaving once they finish. Our insurance experts will verify your outpatient benefits, and this type of service is generally covered by most insurances. 

How should I move forward & verify insurance?

The Recovery Team wants to connect you with the right services for your situation.

Our team of confidential professionals will answer all of your questions, and, if we can’t help, we’ll offer you a referral to drug rehab treatment facilities that accept your coverage.

Call us today to learn more about our facility and verify your insurance.