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Treatment for Veterans

The Recovery Team’s program for veterans offers substance abuse treatment to our national heroes. 

Through custom drug and alcohol treatment, residential rehab, and outpatient program, we help veterans adjust to civilian life, heal trauma, and overcome addiction.

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For most veterans, returning to daily life outside military service brings up painful trauma after witnessing tragedy. They suffer intrusive thoughts, persistent memories, and lingering feelings that leave them feeling unable to cope. As a result, veterans are vulnerable to addiction to drugs and alcohol, but treatment helps them thrive.

Top Florida Provider for Substance Use

The Recovery Team offers a state-of-the-art compass with certified staff and evidence-based therapies to reduce cravings, cut mental anguish, and create freedom from drugs and alcohol. We treat addiction as a true medical and mental health condition—making recovery more successful for our clients.

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With or without dual diagnosis disorder, The Recovery Team’s veterans benefit from our comprehensive services needed to ease the disease of addiction—including residential rehab, partial hospitalization program, and outpatient program. Our emphasis on individual treatment fits any medical condition, mental health history, and VA disability.

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Use Your Coverage at The Recovery Team

Because of their severity and work impact, substance use disorders often qualify for disability benefits. According to your diagnosis and other conditions, the Department of Veteran Affairs decides your disability benefits for drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

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Many have a small copay, but since The Recovery Team remains a CCN partner in Florida—treatment is highly accessible to our veterans after an initial call confirms eligibility.

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Veteran-Friendly Treatment for Substance Abuse

Service to our country brings risks to the lives of our bravest soldiers. We use a hybrid model of the dual diagnosis program to overcome underlying mental health conditions for veterans with PTSD as well as trauma and injury. Treating our service members to complete care—mind and body—The Recovery Team specializes in veteran concerns.

PTSD and Addiction

Among the former military, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder induces drug and alcohol addiction through flashbacks, hopelessness, aggression, insomnia, and more. To overcome their grip and numbing effects, The Recovery Team’s addiction treatment center staffs specialists in PTSD and veteran experiences for higher recovery rates.

Emotional Trauma and Substance Use

Substance abuse sometimes stems from combat exposure, psychological turmoil, and military sexual trauma. To cope with the resulting depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts, The Recovery Team teaches veterans skills with licensed counselors. We guide clients toward new thinking, feeling, and acting.

Brain Injuries and Dependency

Some veterans return with bodily and brain injuries which permanently affect their feelings, thoughts, and actions. The damage can mean medicating with drugs and alcohol until our medications, therapies, and expert medical teams help manage the influence of brain injuries on veterans.

Chronic Pain and SUDs

Persisting pain is common for veterans. Those who suffer chronic physical discomfort can abuse prescription drugs, opioids, alcohol, and more. To create sobriety and soothe pain, The Recovery Team aids clients through appropriate medication management, individual therapy, and outpatient program.

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Florida Veteran Drug and Alcohol Rehab Provider

Veterans are vulnerable to addiction after they return home and the struggle with traumatic experiences often begins. Some turn to alcohol and drugs to “self-medicate” conditions like Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and physical pain. Their symptoms increase substance use, and their substance use increases symptoms. The Recovery Team helps veterans avoid years of addiction- and mental illness-related suffering as a custom, compassionate Florida provider. Through medication management, individual therapy, and support—we reduce discomfort and cut cravings. Veterans are finally able to focus on their civilian future through a continuum of care that instills skills for a lifetime of recovery.

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Choose The Recovery Team Veterans Drug Rehab

When a veteran chooses our treatment facilities, experienced specialists create treatment plans specifically for their unique needs. Our care fits most cases because our courses of treatment are backed by decades of scientific research into addiction, mental illness, and the veteran recovery experience. 

The best veteran rehab heals underlying illnesses that impact substance use and addictive behaviors. As a result, they enjoy more options, get better outcomes, feel greater comfort, and experience a better standard of living. 

Through drug rehab outpatient treatment, they then receive elite care to maintain their recovery.

If you or a family member in Florida has served and struggles with substance use, contact The Recovery Team. Tell our compassionate, confidential counselors about the addiction-free future you see for yourself or someone you love. Call us today.