Benzodiazepines Detox and Treatment in South Florida

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Benzodiazepine addiction and dependence can be hard to get over. It takes more than a sudden decision or the want to stop using to get over drug abuse. The best results are often found at a medical facility. Benzo treatment is available at The Recovery Team.

The best way to get off benzos is by starting with a benzo detox. This is to prevent long term side effects from drug abuse. Followed by continuing treatment with a drug rehab program at a treatment facility.  

How Benzo Addiction Is Commonly Treated

The most common options for benzo treatment include a detox program. That is followed with a residential stay. Then by inpatient treatment and then outpatient treatment.  To have the best success it is important to go to a detox and rehab facility that specializes in benzodiazepine treatment and substance abuse.

Detox Program

There are many uncomfortable and dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can occur while detoxing off benzos. These can include things like anxiety, panic attacks, seizures, and many other bad symptoms. A lot of people continue using benzos just to avoid the withdrawals caused from stopping taking them. The main goal of medical benzo detox is to have the withdrawal symptoms safely managed. 

Medications can often be prescribed to help deal with the common issues that come with detox like anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. A professional drug and alcohol detox and treatment center can provide the best results for benzo detox. 

Residential Program

Residential programs for addiction can make the benzo detox process a lot easier. The main benefits of residential treatment are a comfortable and safe environment. Paired with behavioral therapy options that can help with recovery overall, and around the clock medical supervision by professional staff. The ability to have prescribed medication management if needed is another major benefit.

Outpatient Program

Outpatient programs can provide a significant benefit to people suffering from benzodiazepine addiction. Extra access to professional therapists can be a huge difference to those with severe benzo addictions. Outpatient programs often offer access to various additional therapies to those in the programs.

Why Benzo Addiction Requires Treatment

Trying to get off benzos without the assistance of medical professionals can be life-threatening and is not recommended. Benzodiazepines are very strong depressant drugs that can alter brain structure if taken heavily. This can result in potentially serious withdrawals that untrained people are not able to handle in a safe manner.

The most serious of these benzo withdrawal symptoms can be seizures, hallucinations, psychosis, and tremors. When benzo treatment is conducted by trained medical staff it allows for the individual to be safely weaned off the substance. 

If benzo addiction is paired with addiction to alcohol or opiates it can often require emergency medical care. Individuals can be overly sedated as a result of combining depressants like benzos, opiates, and alcohol. This can sometimes result in a very low heart and breathing rate that can end in a coma or death. Because of the increased risk in this situation it is very important to receive treatment in a professional facility.

Because of the changes to the brain it can be very hard to get benzos out of your system. At a medical detox center, treatment for benzo addiction includes various different forms of counseling. These help with controlling the cravings, understanding what addiction is, and build a support network of people.

To decrease the likelihood of a relapse, a full recovery program is highly recommended after a benzo detox. With just detox the risk of relapse is very high due to the way benzos affect the body. The higher the dose of benzos taken usually results in a higher risk of relapse. 

How Long Is A Benzo Treatment Program?

A series of many factors make up how long a benzo treatment may  take. Some of these factors include the amount of benzos taken and how long benzos have been taken. It also matters if any substances are being taken with benzos, and overall general health. 

Professional medical facilities are able to determine all of these factors and provide the quickest treatment option. While still providing the most successful results.

Therapies Utilized In Benzo Treatment

Behavioral therapies have several benefits, especially when they are received in the residential stage of the treatment process. One of the most important goals is the ability to learn to deal with the cravings and urges.

Therapy often helps identify triggers to help avoid these urges. It also teaches how to overcome many other issues such as relationship building and other factors which can be used everyday. Some therapies that help include: CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), CMT (Contingency Management Therapy), and Family Therapy.

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Medical Benzo Treatment for Addiction

The most common medical treatment for benzodiazepine addiction is a gradual medication taper. This is to slowly get the user safely off of benzos. Tapers are scheduled around the individual’s unique situation such as dosage, specific benzo use, and other factors.

Sometimes a medication with a longer lasting duration will be used to replace a shorter acting benzo. The eventual goal is to completely taper off the longer duration medication too over time. Around half of the withdrawal symptoms from benzos are sleep deprivation related. Because of this sleeping medications are able to be used to keep the effects of these symptoms to a minimum.

PAWS (Post-acute Withdrawal Syndrome) can be very rough and could last months.  Because of this professional medical supervision is required to have a safe and pain-free withdrawal from benzos. PAWs can have a series of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and can be a major health risk.

Someone going through PAWs may experience unreasonable fears, a sense of crawling skin, weight loss, thoughts in circles, sleeplessness, and more. There are currently not any specific FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to treat benzodiazepine addiction. 

Holistic Benzo Treatment Options

Holistic treatment options for benzo addiction are used alongside medical treatments to make the process as smooth as possible. These holistic options are highly recommended and are often offered after the detox level. The treatment options help reduce stress, build good habits to use throughout recovery, and help with focus and concentration.

The most common holistic options are yoga, meditation, and massage therapies. These are usually offered as part of the complete addiction treatment program. 

Massage Therapy

One of the most common forms of holistic treatment options, massage therapy has multiple benefits to those going through benzo treatment. The treatment is very relaxing and can help with mental health  from benzo addiction. It commonly helps promote a positive mindset and helps heal the body. It also helps treat anxiety.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is another common holistic treatment option. It is seen to have very good results in assisting with the success of benzo addiction treatment. This results in positive self-esteem, inner balance, and a reduction in stress.

Yoga therapy helps to reconnect the mind and body. Yoga therapy also teaches many breathing exercises which can be used to help combate urges that can accompany benzo detox. Yoga helps with the effects of benzodiazepine withdrawals like anxiety disorders. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation helps decrease stress and depression, leads to better sleep, can decrease pain levels, and assists in lowering anxiety. Meditation can also reduce intrusive negative thoughts, help deal with urges and impulses, and improve self awareness.