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Massage Therapy

Addiction is a disease that affects millions nationwide. As the need for addiction treatment grows, so does the need for additional treatment options. 

Finding new, holistic approaches to aid in drug rehab addiction treatment is a critical part of innovating the addiction treatment process.

Utilizing holistic therapy modalities is both effective, and beneficial to people looking to take advantage of all treatment options. While holistic approaches are not yet able to replace medication assisted detox and medical treatment, they have proven to show results.

We use holistic therapies that are evidence based and show proven benefits. Massage therapy has proven to be beneficial to treating addiction when used in conjunction with classic therapeutic and medical treatment.

Benefits of Massage Therapy & Drug Rehab in Addiction Treatment

Massage sessions are used in combination with other therapeutic techniques. It is used to amplify the positive impacts of addiction treatment and relieve stress and pain. 

Massage Today published a study about massage therapy in substance abuse treatment. It highlights the connection between mind and body, as well as the proven benefits of massage.

Their study found that massage therapy & drug rehab was effective in helping to combat depression symptoms, anxiety and other issues with this holistic approach.

Massage is also helpful to those struggling with chronic pain and substance abuse. People who struggle with chronic pain often become reliant on narcotics to treat that pain. When they stop taking narcotics, many are met with  recurring pain. This leads to  fear that their pain cannot be relieved without returning to drugs. 

Thankfully, massage and other modalities like yoga therapy can aid in the treatment of chronic pain, while also providing other benefits.

Common benefits of massage therapy include stress relief, sleep aid, pain relief, and improved optimism. This is due to the release of dopamine during massage therapy. Dopamine helps people feel good. It can also help fight withdrawal symptoms. 

Massage Therapy Helps

Substance use treatment can be tiring. Consistent therapy , communication with peers, and overcoming mental health issues takes energy. Another benefit of massage therapy is the release. It gives people a break to feel good, and relieve the stressors that are afflicting them.

Those who struggle with constant cravings that lead them to relapse also benefit from massage therapy. The stress relief and relaxing properties tend to help clients overcome the temporary desire to use drugs. The release of dopamine also causes cravings to dissipate.

Massage therapy also helps remove toxins from the body. This helps with the withdrawal process. It can also help to alleviate post acute withdrawal symptoms that may occur for weeks after detox. It can also help to treat insomnia.

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Holistic Therapy in Treatment

Holistic therapy used in conjunction with classical therapies and medical treatment is invaluable to those struggling with addiction and mental health issues. While holistic approaches cannot replace or compete with classical approaches on their own, they are a powerful tool. 

It is always beneficial to go to a program that offers multiple dimensions of treatment. We offer medical, therapeutic, and holistic options to everyone we treat.

We create individualized treatment plans that meet the specific needs of our patients.

We offer other holistic and other passive approaches as well, such as yoga therapy and acupuncture. Trying different types of therapy and finding what works for each client is our goal. We aim to find the best combination of treatments available to help cure mind, body and spirit. 

Our Programs

Our programs offer multiple levels of care. This means that we can increase or scale back the care needed based on the needs of the individual. Our experienced medical staff and therapists can address issues ranging from substance abuse to mental health, even more severe cases. 

When looking for a treatment program, it is critical to choose a program that can meet your needs. This is why we offer a wide variety of treatment options. Our ability to treat substance abuse, mental health, and other addictions makes us uniquely qualified. 

Our program starts with an initial assessment to determine medical necessity and a recommended course of action.  We then tailor a treatment plan that offers a wide range of therapies to choose from. This helps us ensure we meet the needs of every patient we treat.

We have experienced admissions counselors who can help walk you through this process. We are available 24/7. For more information on our drug rehab programs, please call us anytime at (800) 817-1247.