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Medication Management

Medication management is a pivotal part of substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Most people entering treatment for a substance use disorder or mental health issue are prescribed medication to assist in their treatment. Medication management is an important facet of ensuring these medications work well and are administered properly.

Medication Management Explained

Medication management is a pretty all encompassing term. It refers to all aspects of medication administration. From proper doses, to administration and information, it is important that each medication is taken responsibly. This includes diagnosing and prescribing the proper medications, providing the medications through an on-site pharmacy, preparing and administering.

Med management also includes monitoring the effects of the medication and determining if the medication is the most effective treatment. The process of prescribing, administering, monitoring, and changing medications as needed is critical to success in recovery and relapse prevention.

Medication Management Importance

While medication management may not seem that important, it is a critical part of successful treatment. For some people, medication is the only “real” relief they get from physical and mental conditions. Therapy and other treatments are important, but medication makes the difference for some.

Medication is used to treat initial symptoms, allowing the person to be able to benefit from therapeutic modalities. For mental health issues like depression symptoms and anxiety, medications are used to improve mood and increase motivation. Medication management paired with medical treatment and therapy is proven to be more effective than treatment without one of these factors. 

Sometimes, medications are utilized to combat cravings. Anti-craving medications can prevent relapse, and make the compulsive urge to use dissipate.

We offer anti-craving medication as well as medication assisted treatment for certain cases. For more information on our anti-craving medication program, read this article. to anti-craving.

Medication assisted treatment, or MAT, is the use of medications for a longer time frame to help fight withdrawals and cravings. Some of the medications used in MAT block receptors in the brain and prevent the person from getting high. This helps prevent cravings and relapse. However, long term MAT is only utilized in more severe cases that are unable to be treated in other manners.

For those with underlying mental health issues, medication management will prove even more valuable. Many people with a substance use disorder who stop using drugs are met with mental health concerns that need to be addressed. This is because drugs dull the effects of mental health disorders.

For these cases, it is valuable to understand the importance of taking medication to manage their mental health. Taking medications as prescribed and on a scheduled basis is important for these cases and medication management makes all the difference.

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Medication Management in Drug Rehab FL Treatment

When someone enters a treatment program, they meet with our medical staff and a psychiatrist for intake assessments. Upon evaluation and further meeting with the individual, doctors prescribe appropriate medications to benefit their treatment program and recovery.

Medications are administered and the individual is monitored and met with frequently to ensure there are no adverse reactions. Sometimes medications are changed or doses are altered to adjust to the person’s needs. Throughout the treatment program, needs are addressed and medications are altered and monitored until the person is stable.

Medications are explained and benefits of each medication are described so that the person understands the value of scheduled medication administration.

Our Drug Rehab Program

We have decades of experience and the medical staff to provide medical integration and medication management to all those we treat. Our programs combine medication management, therapeutic modalities, and medical care to provide the most effective treatment model possible.

We offer multiple levels of care to meet the specific needs of each client. We build individualized treatment plans that focus on the mental, medical, and physical ailments each person may face. We understand how difficult it can be to overcome addiction, and we are here to help with frug rehab in Florida.

If you or a family member is struggling with a substance use disorder or mental health issues, call us today at (800) 817-1247.