Partial Hospitalization Program in South Florida

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Partial hospitalization programs offer a level of care that usually follows inpatient treatment. PHP provides daylong treatment for those who no longer need 24 hour medical supervision. This allows for a lower level of care than inpatient while still offering a heavily structured environment.

Many inpatient drug and alcohol programs offer PHP as a continuum of care. The ability to continue treatment in a “step-down” manner, while maintaining the same therapists proves beneficial to most patients. 

Medical monitoring of patients does not stop in the PHP level of care. Individuals also continue and expand their treatment through an array of evidence-based treatments. The goal of a partial hospitalization program is to provide individualized care and stability while also allowing for a return to normal life. 

Treatments Offered in Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs are also called day treatment programs. Day treatment offers the continuation of care received in residential care. These include behavioral therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).  

Individuals also have the continued benefits of individual therapy, group therapy and support groups with their peers. By the time people enter a day treatment program, they will have already built some positive relationships and support systems. The continued therapy and building of these relationships is indispensable.

Those in a day treatment program can also take advantage of fitness and nutritional guidance. Substance abuse wreaks havoc on the body. Fitness and proper nutrition combined with medical care helps ensure individuals reach their full potential for health. 

The combination of mental health and physical treatment of health concerns is powerful. When you add in the daily structure and accountability that partial hospitalization programs provide, it is a recipe for success.

Who Benefits from a PHP Program?

Day treatment programs are a step down from inpatient, offering a scaled adjustment back to normal life. Those who have been unable to maintain stability in their lives without drugs will benefit from a partial program. 

Those who are unable to maintain sobriety on their own will also see that transitional care prior to outpatient is valuable. Partial hospitalization programs usually last anywhere from a week to 30 days. The flexibility of treatment length allows our trained staff to determine the best course of action for long term recovery. 

Partial hospitalization is not always a step down in care. Sometimes, people in an outpatient level of care struggle to stay sober. Some relapse, and some just require more structure for a longer period before having the freedoms of outpatient care. 

Utilizing day treatment as a step up in care from outpatient treatment is also an extremely valuable option. When we see an individual struggling with daily life without drugs, continuing a PHP level of care can make the difference. 

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When is it Time for Outpatient Care?

Outpatient care or intensive outpatient programs usually follow partial hospitalization. These levels of care are best suited for those who are thriving in day treatment programs and are ready for less structure. Outpatient programs usually serve as a transition to normal life with a small level of structure and continued care.

Our experienced medical staff and therapists have treated thousands of people. Their experience and knowledge helps them identify when clients are ready for the next level of care. Individualized therapy and approaches have been proven to be more successful. 

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