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Alumni Program

A common question individuals have once completing treatment is what are the next steps?

Now that you are in recovery, focusing on long-term wellness is important with The Recovery Team alumni program.

At The Recovery Team, we understand that recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is not easy or quick, and that is why we offer an alumni program. This process of addiction recovery is long, and affects many throughout. 

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The steps taken directly after an individual completes their drug and alcohol treatment program are very important factors. These factors are crucial steps to take in order to prevent relapse and ensure long-term success from addiction.

At The Recovery Team, we use proven treatment modalities and therapies to create individualized treatment plans for all patients. Within these plans, your aftercare will be tailored to your life outside of rehab. 

Our aftercare programs are designed to be flexible, and give everyone the opportunity for the continued care they deserve. We understand that life happens, and that factors are out of our control at times. Things like work, family, school, and religious studies can interfere with your recovery. We will assist each individual by teaching them how to manage real-world scenarios including: 

  • Maintaining your sobriety 
  • Assistance in finding a job
  • Resume help 
  • Healthy Sober-living environments and more
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Our team of professionals ensure that our patients have all of the necessary tools needed for a successful life in recovery. Individuals will have the awesome opportunity to partake in our alumni program. Below you will find more information about our alumni program and services.

Alumni Program at The Recovery Team 

Each individual who successfully completes their treatment program will be considered a graduate. Graduates of our program are encouraged and able to partake in our alumni services at no cost. We aren’t called The Recovery Team for any reason. Each patient from our center is a member of our recovery team. 

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We encourage those who graduate from our program to continue with our alumni group. Support from our services allows individuals to get the help they may need once their treatment is over.

Alumni services available for patients who have completed treatment at The Recovery Team and join our alumni community include:

  • Continued access to all Recovery Team resources 
  • Aftercare planning and housing support 
  • 24/7 alumni support and help 
  • Community volunteering 
  • Recreational alumni events 
  • Transportation assistance 
  • Interview assistance and resume building   
  • Assisting in finding job opportunities

We have 24/7 experienced, professional alumni coordinators who are in charge of different alumni events, services and resources. These coordinators are available for you whenever you may need. In addition to 24/7 support, these coordinators are able to assist you in all components of treatment and recovery. 

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Through our program, our engaging alumni are able to be active members of their community. By participating in different community activities and events, our alumni program will be your home away from home! 

With individualized aftercare planning and alumni services, patients will be on the right track toward long-term recovery. If you do not feel totally comfortable once you finish treatment, joining our alumni program is highly recommended. 

The alumni program allows individuals to use all of the necessary resources and tools needed for life in recovery.

The Recovery Team wants to help you or your loved one beat your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Recovery & drug rehab is possible, start your journey today.