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Trauma Program for Addiction Recovery

Trauma is the emotional response to an appalling event. Painful, difficult, and life-changing—trauma affects life for millions.

Traumatic experiences differ from person to person and have individual effects. Learn how The Recovery Team treats and soothes trauma so you can overcome drug addiction and dual diagnosis disorders.

drug addiction and trauma

Trauma and addiction go hand-in-hand. Many people struggling with addiction have experienced trauma in their lives and through their use. Common trauma experiences include abuse, neglect, accidents, homelessness, and overdose—but many more exist.

Painful experiences cause trauma, leading to the use and abuse of drugs to numb uncomfortable feelings, memories, and triggers. As part of our whole-person addiction recovery program, the Trauma Program addresses this pain through proven care.

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Trauma Effects

Trauma has severe negative impacts on mental health and overall wellness—addiction and substance use being just one. Trauma increases your risk for mental illness, drug addiction, erratic behavior, and medical conditions such as heart and liver disease:

If you have survived trauma in childhood or as an adult—you are resilient. You can stop the cycle of moods, anxiety, depression, and drug use that co-occurs with traumatic pasts by seeking treatment from specialists who care about your recovery.

Facing and overcoming trauma program is a vital part of recovery and valuable to those struggling with addiction. To help, The Recovery Team offers several therapeutic treatment modalities to dismantle painful histories and block triggers.

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Trauma Therapy & Drug Rehab Near Me

Those who struggle with trauma may find that normal drug and alcohol programs do not meet their needs. It is critical that the trauma is addressed through the proper avenues while treating addiction. 

Once someone is relieved of the cravings for drugs, unaddressed trauma often leads them back to use. Relapse is often more dangerous than standard drug use due to the risk of overdose. This is why The Recovery Team treats underlying trauma as well.

It can be fearful to face trauma head-on, but clients find comfort and safety in our programs. They get a supportive environment to address issues that have plagued their minds and hearts for years. 

many people struggling with addiction have experienced trauma in their lives and through their use. common trauma experiences: abuse, neglect, accidents, homelessness, and overdose

Our trauma program is not just about the trauma itself. We focus on understanding emotional reactions and recurring behaviors linked to past experiences. We instill tools to overcome trauma through individual therapy, support groups, and more.

Recovery from Trauma

When people think of trauma-informed therapy, they imagine reliving their trauma in detail. Instead,  our trauma therapists have years of experience addressing trauma and know how to dive into certain aspects of trauma without causing exposure.

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Our program focuses on how the event impacts current behaviors and thought processes. This multidisciplinary team uses a number of therapeutic modalities and approaches. Some of these include:

Every treatment plan is unique. We take an individualized approach that targets your personal needs. With your therapist and care team, you’ll dive into the areas that will most effectively help you overcome trauma, addiction, and mental illness.

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Heal Trauma with The Recovery Team & Drug Rehab

Through addiction treatment, The Recovery Team respects and appreciates what trauma does to us all daily. Each client in our trauma treatment programs offers safety and understanding to facilitate a supportive environment and encourage growth.

With evidence-based treatment and caring staff, our individualized trauma and addiction programs can help you attain freedom from trauma responses and substance abuse.

If you or a loved one is struggling, we are here to help start the recovery journey. For more information on our drug rehab programs, call our confidential counselors.