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Trauma is defined as the emotional response to a terrible event, according to the American Psychological Association. Trauma is painful, difficult to overcome, and impacts everyday life for millions. Traumatic experiences differ from person to person and have different impacts depending on the individual. In this article you will learn all about our trauma program at The Recovery Team.

Trauma and addiction go hand in hand. Most people struggling with addiction have experienced some kind of trauma due to their use. Some common traumas people struggling with addiction have experienced include PTSD, car accidents, homelessness, and overdose. 

These types of experiences, and countless others can cause trauma. Trauma leads to continued use and abuse of drugs to numb the negative psychological effects of the events.

Effects of Trauma

Trauma has severe negative impacts on most people. Addiction is also extremely difficult to handle. When these two are combined, it can be far more difficult to overcome. Thankfully, there are therapies and programs that focus on trauma and addiction. Facing and overcoming trauma can be a vital part of recovery and valuable to those struggling with addiction.

The effects of trauma are difficult to handle. Trauma can be triggered by anything. One moment someone struggling with trauma will feel fine, and the next they are jumpy, anxious, or irritable. 

The mental toll trauma takes on people is often severe. People then use drugs to dull the effects of their traumas. Their mood and anxiety are often fluctuating due to trauma. This leads to a cycle of trauma, drug use, and eventually addiction paired with trauma.

The psychological effects of trauma lead to mental health issues and exacerbated existing issues. They lead to erratic behavior that can sometimes be frightening and uncontrollable.

Those who overcome trauma and addiction are capable of living incredible lives; using their trauma and past as a catalyst for success and recovery. We work with a number of modalities and experienced therapists who focus on trauma and addiction.

Trauma Therapy and Care

Those who struggle with trauma may find that normal drug and alcohol programs do not meet their needs. It is critical that the trauma is addressed through the proper avenues while treating addiction.

Once someone is relieved of the cravings for drugs, unaddressed trauma often leads them back to use. Relapse is often more dangerous than standard drug use due to the risk of overdose. This is why it is so vital to treat both the addiction and underlying trauma. 

It can be scary to face trauma head on. People find comfort and safety in our programs. They find a safe and supportive environment to address the issues that have plagued their minds for so long. Our program specifically focuses on the treatment and needs of those struggling with traumatic issues.

Our trauma program is not just about the trauma itself. We focus on the understanding of emotional reactions and recurring behaviors that are linked to past experiences. We have all the tools necessary to guide people towards overcoming trauma. We simply require them to take the tools from us and metaphorically build with them. 

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Tools for Overcoming Trauma

When people think of trauma therapy, they often believe that they will be spending countless hours reliving and describing their trauma in detail. This is not the case.

Our trauma therapists have years of experience addressing trauma. They know how to dive into certain aspects of trauma without causing people to be exposed to continued trauma. We address the trauma, but our program tends to focus on how the event impacts behaviors and thought processes.

Our multidisciplinary team uses a number of therapeutic modalities and approaches. Some of these include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and EMDR.  However, not every treatment plan is the same. We take an individualized approach that focuses on specific needs. 

Our approach to overcoming trauma also focuses on addiction and addictive behaviors. They are often the same behaviors that relate to traumatic experiences. Since the two issues go hand in hand, it is important to address both in a safe environment with experienced staff.

Understanding and Compassion

We understand that trauma treatment is a sensitive topic. Our program respects, understands, and appreciates what people struggling with trauma go through on a daily basis. Everyone in our trauma program including peers understands one another. We facilitate a supportive and safe environment that encourages growth.

Our programs use evidence based treatment in combination with staff who care. Our individualized treatment programs are second to none. If you or a loved one is struggling with trauma and addiction, we are here to help. We can guide you through this difficult process. 

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