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Yoga Therapy & Drug Rehab In Florida

While millions of Americans each year struggle with a substance use disorder, the need for holistic treatment options and therapies grows.

There are countless treatment modalities available to treat substance abuse, some medical, some traditional, and others holistic: yoga therapy.

We try to focus on a mixture of all three. Offering a variety of modalities and treatment options has countless benefits and allows the creation of individualized treatment plans.

Yoga therapy has been growing in popularity for its non-invasive, relaxing qualities, but also because of the countless benefits it provides the mind and body. 

Yoga therapy is described by yogis as the application of yoga postures, exercises and meditation techniques to address mental and physical needs. Yoga is used in conjunction with other therapy techniques to address needs not met by traditional therapies. It is not used in place of these therapies, but instead used in combination with. 

Benefits of Yoga Therapy

The benefits of yoga therapy are countless. While they cannot completely replace traditional and behavioral therapy techniques, they are a powerful tool to those struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. 

Some of the most powerful benefits of yoga include stress relief, pain relief, and help fight insomnia. It can also help reduce fatigue, improve self-image and increase energy levels. These benefits combined equate to a powerful tool to be used while in a substance use program. 

The benefits of yoga therapy are self-evident, which is why it is being adopted by more and more treatment programs across the United States. It is also being used to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and fight cravings. Many people report that overcoming drug cravings is as simple as taking action and gaining mental stability when cravings appear.

Yoga does this job, and then some. Thankfully, yoga is great for beginners, and experts, and it is cost effective. It also has no side effects since it is a holistic modality.

Yoga Therapy: Specifics

The best parts about yoga, other than its countless mental and physical benefits are that it is cheap, and can be practiced anywhere at any time. Yoga is best practiced under the direction of a trained yoga teacher, especially for beginners. 

We have experienced yoga therapists who guide those we treat. They utilize yoga techniques that focus on stress reduction and other ailments.

Yoga classes generally last around an hour and focus on specific poses and breathing techniques to help people reap the maximum benefits. We focus on relieving symptoms of withdrawal and chronic pain. Our yoga therapy is tailored to help with mental health and improving sleep. 

Yoga is a spiritual practice and helps many people find inner peace. This results in a positive outlook on life and increased optimism. The other benefits of yoga are a bonus and sometimes make all the difference for those in our program. 

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How Yoga Helps the Brain

Since yoga practices have been growing in popularity, the need to study its effects have also grown respectively. There has been an increase in studies that try to identify how yoga impacts the brain to produce such positive results. 

An article published by the National Institutes of Health highlighted a large scale study of yoga’s effects on the brain. The study found promising evidence that yoga positively impacts the brain. The study found that yoga helps prevent neurocognitive decline in the brain. 

Other studies have shown that yoga leads to an increased level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which results in stress relief.

While the benefits of yoga are still being proven scientifically, we have seen its results first hand. We stand behind the addition of yoga practices to treatment programs and believe it can be a critically beneficial part of substance abuse treatment.

Spirituality, Mind, and Body

Yoga practice helps build inner peace. It helps build a positive self image, and has countless health benefits. However, the spiritual benefits are also worth noting. Those who struggle with spirituality may benefit greatly from yoga, as they see a practice produce effects beyond their expectations.

Spirituality is a critical part of most 12-step programs. We frequently see those who struggle with spirituality also struggle to fully participate and accept a support group program. Yoga has proven to help some of our clients find the spirituality needed to accept and work with a 12-step program.

Our Drug Rehab Program

Our program has proven success for thousands of people. Our yoga therapy techniques are powerful and our experienced teachers know the needs of the individual. 

We are available 24/7 to discuss drug rehab treatment options and tell you more about the therapies we provide. For more information, call us anytime at (800)817-1247